Japan! 日本!

(Although I said I moved my blog last week... )

I am going to Osaka (大阪) from 23 to 26 and then Kyoto (京都) from 26 to 29 by myself! But will probably meet up with a friend who is also traveling in Osaka during this time. This is also my first time to be in Japan. I have not yet booked my accommodation in Osaka. Are there any words I should know, placees I should go, things I should be cautious, food I should eat…?

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See you!

I have been using this blog since 2011. Finally I decided to move it to somewhere else. Somewhere more close to my thought.



I think my spaceship knows which way to go

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, April 2015

I thought summer had arrived. On that day, Ronny, Mason and me were all wearing shorts. We hanged around the city, ate and drank, stopped by at Muji, and chatted, like our usual weekend meet-up.

當時我以為夏天已經到來了。那一日,Ronny、Mason和我都是穿短褲的。 一行三人在城市中閒逛、吃吃喝喝、在無印良品停下一會兒、談天說地,一如平時我們在周末碰面時會做的事。
IMG_0104 IMG_0115
The weather has been nice recently. / 最後的天氣不錯。


Teacher of how to enjoy life

It was a game I played with my dear friend Raphaël. He knows how to enjoy life.

These days my heart always beats so fast. Many things are stressing me out or I get stressed easily. Only until a friend said I was overworking myself, did I realize I have been too greedy for trying to handle everything well at the same time.

Yes, it feels like gastralgia. Now my stomach hurts.

這是一個與我親愛的朋友 Raphaël 玩的一個遊戲。他懂得如何享受生活。


(Darmstadt, Germany, July 2014)


Als wir träumten

I lost my phone two weeks ago. Excluding losing all the pictures taken in this one year, I quite enjoy my life without a phone. I see more things during my daily routine.

The title of this post is the name of a German movie I watched last month. It means "as we dreamed".


這篇 post 的題目是上個月我看的一套德國電影的名字,意思是「當我們在做夢」。

This analog camera has been out-of-order since last December. For a period of time I used to carry it with me to everywhere. Maybe I should use it again and take some weird effect images.

上年 12 月這部菲林相機壞掉了。我曾經有段時間去到那裏都會帶着它。可能我應該再用這部機影一些古怪效果的相片。

I want to go to Kenting in the south of Taiwan again. Its summer was so hot and I sweated a lot which felt so nice. On the day I took this picture I got the most serious sunburn in my whole life.



The time when the weather was too nice and the ocean was too blue.


I was still having a jet lag. One afternoon I went to my friend's dorm. I lied down and looked out the window. The seeds slowly fell down from the tree and I slowly fell asleep on the bed. Everything was just right in the spring of Darmstadt.

當時我仍在適應時差。 某個下午我到朋友的宿舍。我躺在床上望出窗。樹的種子慢慢地落下,我亦慢慢地睡着了。Darmstadt 的春天,所有東西都是剛剛好的。

Every time when my backpack is too full.

Same bag of potato chips. I used to drink alcohol very seldom.


Papaya and cups for tea.

I like German summer a lot that it turned dark until 8pm or 9pm.



When the sunshine was too bright for Raphaël to study.

當陽光太猛而 Raphaël 要溫書時。

I cannot drink coffee after the time between 2012 and 2013. Then I switched to tea which I enjoy even more.

自從 2012 至 2013 年之間的某段時間,我就不能再喝咖啡,接着就轉喝茶。但對比咖啡,我更喜歡茶。

A sunset.


21 and soon to 22. Time elapses non-stop.


Mila drawing.

Mila 畫畫。

"To deal with something unhealthy, a person needs to be as healthy as possible. That's my motto. In other words, an unhealthy soul requires a healthy body." - Haruki Murakami

all picture via my instagram @bykikili



IMG_0195 IMG_0192
Sky, Hong Kong, April 2015

Updated: A morning after updating this post, I woke up from a nightmare in which I saw lots of plane falling and exploding around me.

"I need to leave this place."

更新:放了這篇 post 後的下一個早上,我從一個夢魘中驚醒。在夢中,我見到好多飛機在我身邊墜落,爆炸。



Hallo! Bitte!

1. German shoes / 德國的鞋

2. Soya milk / 豆奶

3. Collarless button down / 無領的裇衫

4. Backpack with badges / 扣了襟章的背囊

Last but not the least:
5. Sunset lighting / 夕陽的光線


Above are my recent favorites.