IMG_8015Central & Admiralty, Hongkong Island, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a special administrative region in China. We have our own administrative system. At the moment the Chief executive of Hongkong is elected by 1200 election committee members. But everyone knows that most of these people are pro-Chinese-government. In 2017 every citizen is granted the right to vote the Chief executive out of 3 candidates. But these 3 candidates are still elected out by these committee members. No matter who the citizens vote for, he/she is still chosen by the Chinese government. Therefore, the movement is to fight for the real "Universal suffrage" and uphold "1 country 2 systems".

1. Not every Hongkonger supports the movement.
2. There is hatred between some Hongkongers and mainland Chinese.
3. The movement was called "Occupy Central". After some incidents, it becomes "Umbrella Revolution".
4. The movement has no leaders.
5. The air quality in the city centers used to be the worst. Now it becomes the best.
6. It is the biggest rally of Hongkong after returning to China from Britain.
7. Original idea of umbrella is to block the pepper spray.

To know more about the movement, google "Umbrella Revolution".
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No violence. Peace.



IMG_7808Admiralty, Hongkong Island, Hong Kong

This is what is ongoing in Hongkong right now. I could never imagine I would see Hongkong in this way.

Staying awake for the whole night were tiring. But it is worthy. I believe, silence equals death.


IMG_7825 IMG_7816 IMG_7848Police suddenly used tear gas without any warnings while people did nothing violent.
IMG_7871 IMG_7863Some people brought materials for everyone, e.g. banana, mask, water and raincoat.
IMG_7912 IMG_7929Riot control police were everywhere. Then people went away to everywhere, spreading out the rally from Admiralty and Central to Mongkok and Causeway.
If you are one of the people, please remain peaceful, hurt no one and cause no damage to the city.


After the rain, the sun comes

Kraków, Poland, May 2014

It was almost 5 months ago.

I came here with a school trip for 3 days. The schedule was quite intensive. We did not have enough free time to explore the city. Most of the time we just passed by the buildings. Also the weather was nasty. It rained heavily and the wind blew strongly.

But I have good memory here.

p.s. I broke 2 umbrellas in these few months in Europe. The 1st one, which is in orange, was broken in this trip with the strong wind. The 2nd one, which is in navy, was broken in Amsterdam. Before I went back to Hongkong, I bought the 3rd umbrella, which is in red.




p.s. 在歐洲這幾個月來我用壞了兩把傘。第一把,橙色的,在這次旅程被風吹爛。第二把,深藍色的,在 Amsterdam 被我弄爛。回香港前,我買了第三把傘,紅色的。


No party tonight

Listened to the stories of Alan and the songs of Arcade Fire with self-made makizuhi.
聽着 Alan 的故事和 Arcade Fire 的歌,吃着自製的壽司卷。



Home decor catalog

IMG_4832 IMG_4828
Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, Germany

I like museums with some people inside.