from me to you with love.


The present

I saw this line online (credit to) which I like a lot.

I think of another line in Poketto, "She wants to focus on living in the present, as 'living in the past makes you depressed and living in the future makes you anxious'. "

I have lots of weird dreams recently in which I always met people I know. It is good that I could meet my friends again but bad that they were not real.

I wonder what will happen in the summer of 2016. This is the time that a friend in Europe is going to get married. This is also the time that my sister and her boyfriend want to go to France and watch soccer. This is also the first summer that I will no longer be a student.

I have decided to self-publish a zine as a present for myself. I have already come up with the theme. Now I need time and money.


My favorite song at the moment: Dan Deacon - Big Milk

Early "Happy Christmas and Merry New Year"! Hope next year I will blog in a more interesting way.

Talk later.




Holy Chef, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong, November 2014

Late night food post sent from Hongkong. I want food! I want hot chocolate! Back to study.

Lam -> Hot chocolate + lots of marshmallow + Oreo powder
Me -> Cold Matcha milk shake + Oreo powder

來自香港的午夜食物 post 。 我想要食物!我想飲熱朱古力!繼續溫書。

Lam -> 熱朱古力 + 很多棉花糖 + Oreo 碎
Me -> 凍綠茶奶昔 + Oreo 碎


Neko neko

IMG_86622 Tai O, Hong Kong, November 2014

Neko 1: Why do you stare at me?
Neko 2: Nothing.

Nothing happened.




Friday with Morrie

Crossing Victoria Harbour by a ferry, Hong Kong, November 2014

My hands. Picture by Ronny.


Tonight I watched the drama of Tuesday with Morrie which is made by local crew and in Cantonese. I read the book 6 years ago but nearly forget everything. The story is so good. Played by good actors makes it even better. My eyes were wet everytime they said good bye. Probably because I am really bad at saying goodbye.

[Me trying to recall the memory.]

Mitch: I don't know how to say goodbye.

Morrie: Me neither.

Mitch came up. He gave a hug to Morrie and a kiss on his forehead.

Morrie: Extra credits.



[ 我嘗試召喚記憶。 ]






Not just wave

IMG_8787Sai Wan, Hongkong, November 2014

Not knowing where I was exactly going to, I told my mum I went hiking. But ended up I just walked some stairs.

IMG_8821 IMG_8796 IMG_8803 IMG_8791 IMG_8802 IMG_8825
IMG_8834 IMG_8876
Ronny and Mason.
IMG_8841 There were quite a number of Chinese god statues nearby. When I got back home, I googled and found out some people got killed as they swam here. The wave was too strong.
附近見到不少中式神的石像,於是回家後 google 是怎樣的一回事。原來有幾個人在這裏游水時遇溺。浪太大了。
IMG_8846 Reminder for safe swimming.
IMG_8938 IMG_8955
A man in the mirror.


Drainage Cleaning

Central, Hong Kong, October 2014

(Traditional Chinese is the most beautiful written language in the world.)

The sign for drainage cleaning is everywhere. I often get amazed by the hard-work of the drainage cleaners for sticking/spraying/painting advertisements all around Hongkong.



i can't remember why i was drinking coca cola outside hauptbahnhof

April - July 2014, Germany

I just went through the analog pictures and found out other unpulished pictures from Germany.

again! i often looked at old pictures recently. a bad habit. but i feel stressed at the moment. thinking of life in germany is probably my way of escaping from reality (/hongkong) ? anyway i love hongkong. and hongkong people really love shopping.
32320009another picture in the tram. 32320013
flea market. how i wish there is one in hongkong.
32330024spotted a cat when i was on the way to class. 32320016 32320018another 2 pictures from the woog.
an overexposed picture.
32330018before i set off, people warned me german were very punctual. but in hongkong when i meet up with friends, i often come late for 0.5~1 hour. these few months i had a most punctual self in my lifetime.