Opening the curtain and window allow sunshine and fresh air entering my room. But at the same time bugs and dust enter the room as well.

Everyone has his/her own room.



每個人都有他 / 她自己的房間。



Alter Friedhof,  Darmstadt, Germany

In a couple of weeks before I left, I wanted to visit the cemetery in Darmstadt so I asked other people. I even texted people in Hongkong whether they would like to visit a cemetery. I ended up not going. I was kind of sad because I knew it was going to be one of my regrets but I was scared to go alone.

2 days before heading back to Hongkong, I met up with Alan. When we walked pass the cemetery, I told him I wanted to enter.

I grew up in a circle that if I say I want to visit a cemetery, people will answer I am insane. Death is often a taboo. But death will come someday on everyone. It is unavoidable. It must happen.


在我離開前的幾個星期,我很想拜訪 Darmstadt 的墓地,所以我問其他人。我甚至用短訊問身在香港的人,他們想不想去基地一趟。最後我沒有去到。當時我有點傷心,因為我知道它將會成為我其中一個遺憾,但我又害怕自己一個去。

在我回港前的兩天,我與 Alan 碰面。當我們行經一個墓地,我告訴他我想入去。



Already disturbed

German Ivory Museum Erbach, Erbach, Germany

No disturbance but in hopes of disturbance.



Confused melon

Wearing: Striped top + Denim skirt + Striped sneakers + Brown small purse

Striped girl looks sexy with melon.

That papaya-like fruit is pumpkin.






IMG_6153 Darmstadt, Germany

Jiyoung knows I love ice-cream.

I eat ice-cream only for third times after coming back to Hongkong. In the past, I ate it several times a week. But I don't feel like any ice-cream at the moment. Probably because ice-cream reminds me of my time in Germany. I still remember which people I had eaten ice-cream with in Germany. I also remember who the first person and the last person I ate ice-cream with are.

p.s. Ice-cream cheers me up


Jiyoung 知道我愛吃雪糕。

IMG_6136 IMG_6146


Disappear into the darkness

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island

I think it's a girl. I tried to approach her but she was scared and walked away. She was quiet and beautiful.




#6 London

IMG_52102My favorite and also the last picture from the trip. 

It is my first time to update 6 new posts within a day. I am sorry to bombard your news feed (if you follow me elsewhere). But putting them altogether in a single post looks too much. And I feel like if I don't do it today, I would forever forget to put them up here.

Here is the bridge connecting Royal Opera house and Royal Ballet School.



今次是我第一次在一天內更新六篇 post。如果你在其他平台追蹤了我,洗了你版,真抱歉。但把這麼多張相放進同一篇 post,好像太多了。還有我覺得,如果今天我不放它們上來,之後我永遠會忘記放它們上來。

這裏是連接 Royal Opera house 和 Royal Ballet School 的橋。