from me to you with love.


Brown brogues and bag

Here I am wearing Monki t-shirt, H&M handbag and blazer, Zara shoes and shorts. Um, I do not know what to write here again.

Listen to
Arcade Fire - Ready to Start
Arcade Fire - Wake Up
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)
Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

Recently I am listening to these 5 songs by Arcade Fire repeatedly. Amazing! In the music video of Ready to Start all the audiences seem to enjoy themselves so much. Wish I am one of them! At the moment, I am listening to The Suburbs.


  1. Beautiful look ! I love your shoes ! :)


  2. ARCADE FIRE! I love them!
    Also beautiful look! ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL!
    You're a great inspiration!

  3. Lovely! I'm following your blog! And i'll be very happy if you would like follow my blog too ;)

  4. hello you.
    i just came across your blog more or less by accident and that probably made my day. it's really cute and i like your pictures and the way you dress. so here you've got a new follower - which is me :)
    and if you ever get bored, feel free to visit me on my blog :)

  5. Hi! I love your blog, and look in their look book. In fact I loved her hair, very beautiful. bjs

  6. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Jeeez, the minimalist style layout, your style, these brogues (and those doc marten cut offs). Perfect! Following, Panda xo

  7. je suis totalement dingue de ces shoes

  8. Great Photos and styling.

    Just started a blog,

    Feel Free to Join,

  9. I love the color of your shoes - and how they sweetly compliment your purse.

    sending you happy spells

  10. I love the bag and scarf - so cozy! Scarves are one of my current obsessions.

  11. Wow, you look great!! The outfit's beautiful!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


    Mia's Little Corner

  12. Love the bag! I love vintage bags! one of my favorite brand is the italian Il Bisonte, do you know? i saw it at the last Pitti in Florence!