from me to you without love.


A slice of bread

The photos are too light, I think. It makes my hands look unreal. And I took them last month.

My breakfast! A slice of bread with spread is what I often eat for my breakfasts. If I can wake up before 12pm or I am on holidays, I often spread both peanut butter ( both smooth and crunchy types are okay with me ) and Nutella ( as you can see ). I enjoy myself most when trying to spread a straight boundary in the middle. What an oily breakfast!

But I have to stop eating like this for a while because I am suffering cough and sore throat. What a pity! Few days ago, I even cannot speak a word.

God bless!


  1. your blog is so unusual! So nice!

    Coe ti have a lok to my new blog, maybe we can follow each other!

  2. Delicious!

    Hope you feel better soon. We can't have you running around with a sore throat not able to munch on the sandwich.

  3. Love nutella, next time try dipping mandarin oranges into it!

    Love your blog, your pics are sooooo qt!

  4. nutella nom nom nom (: ....lovely blog you have.

  5. Nice pictures of a nice breakfast!

  6. such a yumm! Don’T think you’re hand looks surreal, it’s great.

  7. Lovely blog, Kiki. I love your style and the cute pictures you take, they make me eeeeeeeee. Also you have amazing legs :)

    Feel free to visit my blog too!