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Cinema + Bookshop + Cafe

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Broadway Cinematheque + Kubrick = Cinema + Bookshop + Cafe

2 places I love to go. I appreciate that they have become interconnected after the renovation.

After watching a movie at BC, we went to the cafe. I ordered a set dinner. The food does not taste as good as they look but the atmosphere has taken the priority. This is a comfortable place where you can hang out before or after a movie, chat with your friends, read books, do your own work or enjoy yourself!

I am not going to talk much here because I was sneaky when taking these photos in fear of disturbing the others. Maybe I will blog about these 2 places seriously in the future but only after I get the guts to ask the staff for permission to shoot around. Before it really happens I will keep being sneaky...



在電影中心看完套電影後,我們一同去了這間 cafe。我叫了一份晚餐套餐。食物的味道沒有它們的樣子那麼好,但氣氛成為了優先考慮的原因。這是一個很舒服的地方,你可以在看電影前或之後來打發時間、與朋友談天說地、看書、做自己的工作或享受!


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  1. Wow...this place looks really cute. This is in Hong Kong? Would love to drop by when I have the chance!

  2. Beautiful! love your blog!

  3. it looks like the perfect hideaway x

  4. Oh wow, I really like that they're connected. That is genius. I kinda wish my movie theaters could do that here, but instead, they're all separated. :(
    Beautiful pictures!

    ♥ xixia |

  5. so cute where is this place? too bad the food didn't taste as good as it looks cause it looks SUPER good!

    1. Hey Sha, the restaurant is Kubrick which is located in Yau Ma Tei!

  6. I take sneaky shots of places too.
    Sometimes it's the people you are with and the atmosphere that makes a place special.