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Stripe + Crochet

_MG_50943 holymoly
Converse sneakers borrowed from sis, DIY tote bag, Muji socks, Zara top and shorts

The blue striped top and crochet shorts are the goodies I got from the recent Zara sale.

I first found the shorts when the sale just started but at that moment I did not have enough money on hand. A week later I went back to the same rack and found they were still on the hanger but with price more reduced.


這件藍毛上衣和鉤針短褲是從最近的 Zara 折扣中購得的。


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  1. LOVE your minimalistic style and way of putting together your blog/blog pics =)

  2. i always love seeing your photos, they're very unique, and cool tote!

  3. Isn't it lovely how life works? So glad you didn't get the shorts the first time and got them at a reduced price!!! Amazing photos like always!

  4. Wow! amazing! simple & beautiful! love your blog!