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Skirt or short?

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H&M beanie, varsity jacket, Monki skirt, shorts, Zara striped top, Kanken backpack and Converse high-top sneakers

Here are 2 outfits but they are nearly the same, except one of the black bottom is shorts while another is skirt.

Lately nearly every youngsters on the street are wearing varsity jacket. Although I do not want to be one of the "too-much", I was fascinated by the blue of this varsity jacket from H&M's kid section. Awesome! But later I have spotted other girls wearing this jacket for several times.


By the way, I prefer the one with shorts!


這裏有兩套 outfit,但它們都差不多一模一樣的,除了一個的黑色下身是短褲,另一個是半截裙。

最近,差不多街上每個年青人都穿棒球外套。雖然我不太想成為其中一個"太多",但我被這件 H&M 童裝部的棒球外套的藍色迷著了。正!但之後,我便見到其他女士穿這件外套好幾次了。


順帶一題,我比較喜歡穿短褲的那個 outfit!

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  1. I like the skirt with the shirt alone.
    But with the varsity jacket I really like the shorts ^^

  2. Got both of them too!
    I think they're both great!
    I'm wearing the skirt with same type of stripes shirt most of the time.
    I prefer the short with a jumper.

  3. The jacket is nice! I think it's okay to wear something a lot of others do, as long as you like it - everyone is probably styling it quite differently anyway.

    Generally, I like skirts, but I agree that with the jacket the shorts look better!

  4. sometimes I also confused whether I should wear skirt or short because sometimes both of them match with the outfit.
    I love your outfit. Your skirt is so cute :3

  5. Without this jacket the black skirt would fit you more (I really like that outfit), with this jacket your shorts would be better :)

  6. I think the shorts look very "Kiki", ha ha. But both are very cute!

  7. I think shorts look too common, not that I have anything against shorts!

    So for me, skirt it is.

  8. both are really cute! I myself would prefer the skirt, for lately I've been trying to find cute skirts but so far I haven't found the perfect one...

    your blog is so lovely!

  9. I also think the shorts go better with the jacket.

  10. whats your bag brand ?

  11. I vote shorts! :)

  12. Both! love it!

  13. i prefer the shorts personally :)


  14. I've been obsessed with skater skirts lately but it's definitely the shorts.

    Skirt without the jacket, shorts without.

    Also, I love how clean and bright your photos look. You're one of my favourite bloggers. ♥