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Summer heat

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3. Icy lemon tea
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5. Shadow
6. Me

Although summer in Hongkong is so hot and everyday's temperature is mostly around 30°C, I insist on not turning on the air-conditioner every night I sleep. Kinda enjoy the feeling of sweating. It reminds me that I am still connected to the world, I am still alive and I am not just a corpse who get stuck into a rut! Sorry if I sound exaggerating.

Have been quite busy lately. With my improper time management I often sleep for 4 hours a day only. If I do not need to work or have no class that day, I would be most likely to sleep all day or eat. No wonder I have been lack of stimulation and feel uninspired to do anything, including taking photos. No good indeed.

Seriously in need to watch a good movie.


雖然香港的夏天很熱,每天的溫度都圍繞在 30°C 左右,但我仍堅持每晚睡覺不開冷氣。挻享受這種流汗的感覺。它提醒了我自己與這個世界仍有連繫,我仍然是活着的,我不只是過着行屍走肉的生活!抱歉,如果我的話聽下去很誇張。

最近的生活比較忙。加上不恰當的時間管理,我經常一日只睡 4 小時。如果那天我不用工作或者沒有堂要上,很多時我都會用來睡覺又或是吃。難怪這陣子我都沒有什麼刺激和欠缺靈感去幹東西,包括影相。的確不好。


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  1. Beautiful pictures. It sure does look like a hot day. Maybe the heat is affecting your quality of sleep?

  2. Amazing photography. I really like your blog a lot.

  3. omg school started today and the new school uniforms are so thick I am sweating in them! Today in HK was so humid and hot! Can't wait for the Winter! :)

  4. You're photography skills are amazing! I like your outfit there, it's very simple. :)

  5. a good movie is a good way to relax.

  6. oops you registered summer courses? poor :/

  7. Gosh, hope you find a time for a good movie!