Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The beaded top

ohno7 ohno1 ohno2
Monki hat & shorts, clutch c/o Snupped, top c/o Wholesale7

Guten Abend! Wie geht es dir? In this August ich will be very busy but ich will try meine best to keep updating here!

Danke for your attention. Chus!

p.s. I cannot think of writing anything here so I write in this silly way. Entschuldigung!


Guten Abend! Wie geht es dir? 今個 8 月 ich 會很忙,但 ich 會盡 meine 所能來更新這裡!

Danke 你們的關注。Chus!

ps. 因為我想不到在這裡寫什麼,但又不想留白,所以最後用這個無聊方法來寫。Entschuldigung!

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  1. you know german?

    1. Nein! But I am trying to learn it!

  2. lovely!

    I don't think I've ever commented before but your blog is definitely my favourite!

  3. love the top!

  4. Haha, dein Text ist so süß! Ich versuche cantonesisch zu lernen und ich kann definitiv weniger sagen als du auf deutsch.
    (Your text is so cute! I try to learn cantonese but my cantonese is definitely worse than your german!)Do you need someone to teach you german and teach me cantonese in return? :)

  5. I love your blog ^^ So cute outfit!

  6. so schöne bilder!

    you are so cute though ahah

  7. I don't know german but I love your style. You always have such cute things. that beaded top is to die for.