Saturday, November 16, 2013

We walk

Notice: This is not an interesting post.

Last week, we, eight people in total, went hiking in Sai Kung. The weather was nice with autumn cool breeze accompanying us. It is a pity that, like the last time I went to Tap Mun, the sky was shrouded by haze.

Roughly speaking, here was our routine that day. First had breakfast at a char chen teng. Later brought some food at a supermarket. Then took taxi to our starting point, Sai Wan Pavilion. Went pass Sai Wan Shan and Tai Long Wan. After nearly 6 hours, we got to our destination, High Island Reservoir East Dam. As soon as we left, the sky has already turned black but it still felt good.


注意:這篇 post 沒有趣的。


當日大概行程是,先到茶餐廳吃過早餐,再到超市買食糧,之後便搭的士到西灣亭正式出發,行經西灣山、大浪灣,走了差不多 6 小時的路後,終於去到目的地萬宜水庫東壩,到下山時已經入黑了,不過又是另一番風味。

Oh, this is Hong Kong. / 噢,這是香港。
Food is very important! (a can of tuna) / 食物是十分重要的!(罐頭吞拿魚)
Oh, it's me. / 噢,我來的。
Oh, their feet. Staying with these 7 people always has lots of fun. I often laughed when I hiked and listened to their conversation. By the way, they could keep on speaking from the start till the end. Where did their strength come from!?


At East Dam, we spent some time playing stone skipping but I think I was playing stone throwing... /
hi _MG_4570
Occasionally using a day to get touch with nature, spending energy to walk around, distracting myself from the daily busy life feels so good.



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  1. i don't agree on the fact that you said this post wasn't interesting, because each of the pictures here have an interesting story behind it. i applaud you!

  2. Great pictures :)

  3. It looks like it was a beautiful and peaceful day. I'm glad that you had a nice day with friends.

  4. wow that's gorgeous

  5. oh wow that place looks amazing! i don't get enough nature out here...