Want a suitable hat


Sis's Muji t-shirt, Zara shorts, bag & shoes, H&M socks & hat

A simple outfit that looks like the one in an old post, Triskaidekaphobia.

I like hat but I seldom wear hat out because I always think my face and hair look awkward when wearing a hat. I am still searching a suitable one that looks normal on me but is affordable and not expensive.


Listen to
Interpol - Gavilan
Interpol - Success
Interpol - The Undoing
Interpol - Barricade
Interpol - Summer Well
Interpol - Safe Without

I like Interpol.


I am hot

H&M dress as top, sis's Uniqlo jeans and Monki scarf

I am not kidding. I am really hot because I feel really hot. This scarf is not supposed to be put on during summer, whereas I can't wait to try it even in summer. Of course, sometimes there is an exception. You know, in summer, the hotter it is outdoor, the colder it is indoor.

I really like the college-style of my new scarf from Monk. The texture is so comfy. The colour is what I want. Good find.


It is the first set of photos taken with tripod and self-timer in this blog. Such a memorable moment. I am satisfied. Feel great for no need to beg people to help me.