The Fall ( 2006 )

The Fall, a movie directed by Tarsem Singh.

I never do a post simply about a movie. But I like it so much. I need it to be on my blog.

" A Little Blessing In Disguise "

The story is set in 1920s Los Angeles. A little girl, Alexandria played by Catinca Untaru, is recovering from her broken arm in a hospital. One day she meet an injured stunt man, Roy Walker played by Lee Pace. Soon they become friends and Roy tell her a story about 6 mythical character. These 6 men come from different backgrounds but all have a same goal -- to kill the evil governor, Odious.
The whole movie do not have many dialogues. But these are enough to make me smile and cry. There are a number of humorous interludes from the start till the end. One of the funny scene is surely the swimming elephant. THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE ( with the tone of Owen Wilson in Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris ) ! I am really impressed by the imagination of this movie. How come they can think that! -- it is what I think when I was watching. Besides, starting from the middle part, tears kept coming out off my eyes. In the few days after watching it, my eyes sometimes got wet just because of thinking about how inspiring, imaginative and impressive it was.

Anyway the movie finely divides the world of imagination and reality. Meanwhile the coherence between the fantasied world and reality is well arranged.
The fantastical and mythical story is so different from what I have watched before. The colours, costumes and backdrops are gorgeous as well. (Tarsem have said that there are no special effects in this movie even its surreal looks! ) The entire movie is so unique, emotive, imaginative and inspiring. In addition it is sad but truly beautiful.

There are so many fantastical stills I want to share so click below to see more.
Notice : Better click this button after you really watch The Fall.


Across the universe


Uniqlo cardigan, H&M bag and socks and Dr. Marten shoes

Autumn has come.


After updating the last post, I immediately watched The Fall. This movie is amazing. I love it so much. Now I am still making a post about it.


Listen to
The Beatles - Across The Universe
Fiona Apple - Across The Universe
Rufus Wainwright - Across The Universe
Today I keep listen to these 3 songs. The one by Fiona Apple is my favorite.



Rainy day, books, reflection, cats, snake, eat...

Just some photos I previously took about "Hong Kong". Even though most are quite not Hong kong related, the stories behind them all happened in this place.


No relaxation

Monki skirt, ring & scarf, sis's Chapel one-piece dressed as top, H&M belt and Dr. Martens shoes

Checked, pleated, striped...

This Monki pleated skirt is a bit long for me to put on so I rolled up and fastened it by a belt. See, it comes out satisfying ( at least for me ) !


Hectic life. Disgusting.


Listen to
Washed Out - You And I
Washed Out - Soft
The Chemical Brothers - Star Guitar
The Chemical Brothers - The pills won't help you now
MGMT - Siberian Breaks
MGMT - Metanoia

Some good songs. And Washed Out is really a good new find. Thumbs up!


So green

On the way to HK Heritage Museum  for the exhibition called " Made in Britain ".