It is my very first time to post my drawing here. This is what I drew around a month ago. A black and white symbol of Taiji as known as Taijitu in a floral version.


11 11 11

Monki sweater / H&M dress / Dr. Martens shoes

At this moment in time I am thinking what I would put on if the world got into a mess. A pair of walkable shoes, t-shirt, jeans... Um, this can be the theme of a repetitious and tedious outfit post.

Today is 2011. 11 11 -- what a beautiful date number! Around 10am to 11am, I suddenly heard somewhere playing Gary Jules's Mad World. Then I asked the others whether they heard it as well. They said no. Weird but I see it as a good omen.

Listen to
Elliott Smith - Between the Bars
Chairlift - Amanaemonesia
Chairlift - Ceiling Wax

Gary Jules - Mad World