A rest before May again!

A couple of days ago, after watching Love in the Buff, I went to a Japanese restaurant to have dinner with friends. Maybe it is silly to photo every dishes before you eat but I want to keep a record of what special food I have eaten. Then I can retrospect in the future.

By the way, Love in the Buff ( 春嬌與志明 ) is very funny and humorous. I strongly suggest my Hong Kong readers to watch it!

It is my first time to eat raw beef but taste nice.
_MG_0396 _MG_04092
_MG_0404 _MG_0391 The little boy from the next table kept staring at us.

p.s. I watched A Single Man yesterday. This movie is very beautiful but also very sad. My eyes got wet, especially at the postlude. Colin Firth has been one of the actors I admire after I watched a few episodes of Pride and Prejudice (TV version) few years ago. Tom Ford is really amazing. I cannot believe that it is the first time he direct a movie.


  1. seems like a lovely day at the restaurant! :-)
    i have to add those movies to my list! xxx

  2. Great pictures! I'm really hungry now..


  3. Those food look sooo Yummy!! Now I'm craving for Japanese food...>.>

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  4. wow! yumyum food *-* really nice blog i like it



  5. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  6. The raw beef looks so yummy! Your photos are beautiful as usual :)

  7. oh what is your camera using?
    love the photos you have taken!