Black, stripe and leaves

7777777 H&M hat, DIY + Uniqlo sleeveless top, Monki skirt and Dr. Martens 1461 shoes

At the moment of time I do not want to comment on this outfit. Instead I want to make a complaint.

I am getting bored of covering my face in every single photo. I think I am going to take a portrait of myself. Even though I have taken a number of outfit photos I still feel and look uncomfortable in front of the camera. Also shooting myself with a tripod with a tedious plain wall as the backdrop every time makes me feel hateful towards myself. I NEED more outdoor shoots.



我打算為自已拍張肖像相。但就算我拍了一定數量的outfit相,當面對鏡頭時,我依舊表現得很不自在。另外,我想在戶外影outfit 相。但明顯地,我每次都用一面同樣的牆做背景。這樣令我更加討厭自己。9 _MG_1094


  1. Adore this outfit!


  2. I have to admit, I love your blog because you have such creativity even in front of a white wall. No picture is the same and it really shows your ability to create new concepts with a plain studio background. Although seeing your face is more of a personal choice on your part, I think by not showing it it brings a mystery to your blog that keeps it focused on the fashion and photos then on how you actually look. Either way I will always be an avid reader and fan.

  3. love the outfit.i actually like the idea of you creatively covering your face, it's so different in comparison with other blogs! xx

  4. i do love that!

  5. I agree with everything Ashley G just said. You're amazing Kiki and we'll be avid readers despite anything.

  6. What a nice presentation! I like your blog, and your outfit!

  7. You’ve got a lovely style! I think there’s no need to cover your face.

    Heartbeats from Vienna Wedekind
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  8. just found your blog.
    really love it, following you now
    mind to follow back my blog? thanks <3


  9. I've just stumbled upon your blog today! I'm so glad I did :)

    I'm curious as to what you look like but at the same time there's a certain individuality to your blog when you don't show your face. Whatever your decision, I'd be glad either way :)