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I went to Hong Kong Heritage Museum to see the exhibition called "PICASSO – Masterpieces from Musée National Picasso, Paris". In total 56 original works of Picasso are showcased. So far and by far, it is the most comprehensive exhibition showing Picasso's pieces in Hong Kong. If you are interested, be prepared that there will be a lot of people inside the exhibition area.

It is undoubtedly an eye-opening opportunity. I have known the name of "Picasso" since I was still a child. All the things I knew are he is a great and influential artist, the representative of surrealism and his surreal paintings are crazy. Beside that I never tried to know more about him. The exhibition shows his paintings, sculptures and photos. He did not confine himself to only one style. This makes his works more diverse. I am not someone who can really appreciate art and reading the brochure is surely not enough to understand the pieces. Sometimes I try to "eavesdrop" what the docent of the other visitors said. If only I have a docent explaining me those profound and surreal works or there were some annotations next to each pieces like "Made In Britain -- Contemporary Art Exhibition".

When typing this passage I feel more excited. Because the memories are kept on recalling. I feel like I have a really interesting lesson -- never confine yourself to a style.

p. s. The full name of Picasso is crazy -- Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso. Oh my god! Much longer that Albus Dumbledore.  Or maybe it is normal in Spain?


我去了香港文化博物館看看”畢加索 ─ 巴黎國立畢加索藝術館珍品展“。合共展出了56件畢加索的作品。這個展覽是香港到目前為止最完整的畢加索作品展。如果你有興趣,要有心理準備到時會有很多人同場欣賞。 

無容置疑,這個展覽讓我眼界大開。由小到大,我一直都知道畢加索這個大名。但我所知的就是,他是一位偉大且影響深遠的藝術家,代表着超現實主義,而他那些抽像畫簡直是瘋狂。除此之外,我從沒想過要去了解這個人多一些。這個展覽展示了他的畫作雕塑品相片。他絕不會把自己規限於單一的風格,如此,令他的作品更多元化。我並不是一個真正懂得欣賞藝術的人,而純粹看小冊子肯定不能讓我了解每件作品。有時,我會嘗試偷聽一些導賞團的嚮導所說的話。但願我也有位導賞員能向我講解每件深奧抽像的作品,又或者每件作品能好像“英國製造 當代藝術展都有個小注解。

當打當這篇文章時,我感到更加興奮,因為回憶不斷湧現。我感覺上好像上了一堂課 -- 永遠不要局限自己的風格。

p. s. 畢加索的全名十分可怕 -- 巴勃羅.迭戈.何塞.弗朗西斯科.德.保拉.胡安.尼波穆切諾.瑪麗亞.德.洛斯雷梅迪奧斯.西普里亞諾.德拉聖蒂西馬.特林尼達德.魯伊斯.畢卡索。我的天啊!還長過鄧不利多的全名。又或者這在西班牙十分正常?

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  1. I actually think that it is quite normal to have long names in Spain, but not as long as Picasso (his name is just crazy). You can read a little about it here:


    1. I really don't know that! Thanks for your sharing!!!

    2. You welcome. Thank you for a nice and inspiring blog :)

  2. Just after stumbling upon your especially lovely blog..and just in time to learn a few new interesting facts about Picasso...though his full name probably isn't one I'll be retaining :)

  3. Actually his name is not common, normally we have one name and two surnames