Old men and the village

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Last week I went to the mainland China and visited an old village for a day. The first time I have done in these few years. I mainly saw old men there and hardly saw an adult except those who were hired to take care of the old men. I also peeked in some houses and found that some were deserted or even full of weeds and dust. I guess the adults probably go to the city for work and earn a livelihood while farming is no longer able to support their lives.



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  1. Amazing pictures! I would love to walk around there too!

  2. It sounds quite sad with such a left town. When the old men dies the city will probably be completely left.

  3. I liked the photos, I should like to look at villages myself. I think that although there is the possibility that the village will become deserted some day, that eventually it will get revived again. Perhaps that means that there would be some new development and some of the buildings will be lost but I think new life will come back to the place.

  4. I love looking at your photos. Its reminds me on when I went to HongKong last summer! I miss it :(