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f _MG_4027 g _MG_4127 Sebago loafers and Monki pants borrowed from my sister, DIY tote bag, Monki top and handcuff

Red! Actually I do not own any red garments. The main gists of this outfit -- the shoes and pants -- are both borrowed from my little sister. I like how these two things together with my polka tote bag look together. Thumbs up!


Recently Broadway Cinematheque and now TV have collaborated to launch a brand new movie channel MOViE MOViE by bc. They have also published a new and free magazine, MOViE MOViE Magazine aiming to share their love for films. I grabbed mine from Cinematheque after watching Chicken with Plums(At the postlude, although it has no dialogue, I wept... ). MMM's layout is so clean. I like their choice of colours, subtle and not fancy. Very different from what I always see in the newsstands. Another pros is that it is written in both Chinese and English. But it is rather big and I have a problem of storing it.

Besides, in this issue, it is awesome that the movie still of Perfect Sense with Eva Green and Ewan McGregor is on the cover. Thumbs up! And there is an interview of Ewan McGregor about movies. Nice! As you can see, a little poster is attached -- "The Cat with the Dragon Tattoo" drawn by a Hong Kong illustrator, John Ho. The idea of transforming "the girl" into "the cat" is vey funny, haha! Both of them are the movies I like! Thumbs up!

Let me end this post with a quote by Pedro Almodóvar Caballero, "Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness" ( Found it on MMM ).




最近Broadway Cinemathequenow TV推出了一個全新的電影頻道,MOViE MOViE by bc。他們還合作製作了這本免費雜誌,MOViE MOViE Magazine,藉此分享對電影的熱愛。我那本 MMM 是在看完依戀在生命最後8天後 (很好看,尾段即使零對白,我也不停地流淚... ) 起電影中心到拿的。這本雜誌的版面很簡潔。顏色選擇亦很好,低調不花巧。與平時在報攤見到的本地雜誌非常不同。還有,MMM 是中英對照的!但它大小比較大,現在我不知放它在那兒。

今期,亦是第一期,封面是Perfect Sense 其中一幕,有Eva Green 和 Ewan McGregor,正!還有,裏面有 Ewan McGregor 的專訪,不錯!今期還附有一張由香港本地畫家何達鴻執筆的小海報,"The Cat with the Dragon Tattoo (龍紋身的貓) "。將 "女孩" 變成 "" 的想法十分有趣,哈哈!兩套都是我很喜歡的電影,正!

就讓我用Pedro Almodóvar Caballero的一句話來結束這篇post,"Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness" (在 MMM 中發現的)。

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  1. the outfit looks lovely :)

  2. love your red boat shoes!
    Like you, I love borrowing my clothes from my little sister. It got to the point where we put all the clothes in one closet to share! =)


  3. I love the simplicity! I wish my sister was old enough that I could borrow her clothes and/or shoes.

    - http://despite-the-style.blogspot.com/

  4. love it! so simple!


  5. i absolutely love your posts - please never stop blogging!

  6. loove this panties!and this DIY bag oh my!I want one too :D your blog is amazing,stylish and interesting!!
    Im following you!
    If you want you can follow me too!

  7. Hi!:) Love this post and love your blog! great photos! love them so much, so cool and clean, love :) Found today your blog and i´m a new follower! Hope you can follow my baby blog back :) Kisses


  8. Facebook sighting! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150958839398045&set=a.92206093044.89248.92203053044&type=1

    1. Yes!! My friend also told me!
      Thanks Jaime anyway!

  9. thanks for sharing.