An unfathomable mind

This is my self-portrait. But I guess none of you can really see "me" clearly. When the time is ripe, I may show you my face.


See the world

I went to Yau Ma Tei and Mong Kok, and stroll around the old ( but not "very" old ) Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is one-of-a-kind. Even though I grow up here, I am still unfamiliar with it. I really want to explore and know more about this place with the perspective of a tourist, in particular the old-style area and the suburbs as they have the greatest possibilities to be destroyed by the developers.

Do you want to see the world? ( Guess which song I am thinking now! )


3 Cars

These 3 cars are at my home since I can remember. They have already gotten some stains on their bodies. But their colours are still vivid. If you have read the old blog posts, you probably remember they have shown up in one of the outfit posts.


Two new favorite

The 2 stuff I think I should introduce.

The scarf is from the line of the collaboration between Uniqlo and Orla Kiely. I like this blue colour together with the pattern. I spotted at it incidentally when I was ready to leave Uniqlo. At that moment I did not know the collaboration yet so I thought Uniqlo was copying Orla Kiely's symbolic pattern. When I looked at the tag for details I was shocked!

For the wallet, I have been desperately long for it for nearly a year. Its nude colour is so charming and its capacity is satisfying. Finally I used my red pocket money to buy it last week. I feel good to own it instead of just staring at it for a while every time I went to Muji.



Leafy skirt

I am wearing a t-shirt and skirt from Monki, polka dot tights and scarf from H&M, sunglasses borrowed from my sister and Dr. Martens 1461.

In fact the temperature is not warm enough to dress like this out.


Dot Doc


Today is the first day of February 2012. In Chinese Lunar calendar, the year of Dragon has already come. Nevertheless, Happy Chinese New Year.

I apologize for the hibernation of this blog. For the past few weeks the weather was so cold and the days were so gloomy. I was utterly not in the mood to take any photos and do blogging. Actually I did not leave. I have updated my Tumblr occasionally or put a link of Interpol's song on my Facebook page.