Something to say

Lately I keep on deleting posts or some photos again. So if you find something missing when reading my blog, it is alright. They are just something that make me feel pretentious or embarrassing. Anyway, I have decided to not only blog in English but also Chinese -- the language that I am most familiar with. In case you do not know, I have already updated my "about" page. Go and have a look!

May is coming! I do not want to waste my time anymore. Be positive and active!




A rest before May again!

A couple of days ago, after watching Love in the Buff, I went to a Japanese restaurant to have dinner with friends. Maybe it is silly to photo every dishes before you eat but I want to keep a record of what special food I have eaten. Then I can retrospect in the future.

By the way, Love in the Buff ( 春嬌與志明 ) is very funny and humorous. I strongly suggest my Hong Kong readers to watch it!

It is my first time to eat raw beef but taste nice.
_MG_0396 _MG_04092
_MG_0404 _MG_0391 The little boy from the next table kept staring at us.

p.s. I watched A Single Man yesterday. This movie is very beautiful but also very sad. My eyes got wet, especially at the postlude. Colin Firth has been one of the actors I admire after I watched a few episodes of Pride and Prejudice (TV version) few years ago. Tom Ford is really amazing. I cannot believe that it is the first time he direct a movie.