Double denim

H&M men denim shirt, Zara denim shorts and brogues, Muji grey socks and DIY tote bag

This denim shirt was picked up from H&M men section. Although it is size S it is very big. The size of this shirt cannot be truly shown in these photos. In reality I can even wear it as a dress.

I am also using the same tote bag shown in the last post. I forget to shoot its other side. Later I will probably make a post about it. ( I used to say that I will make a post about my sneakers but as yet nothing has been shown ).



另外,我手持的袋是和上一篇使用的是同一個袋。我忘記了影下另一面。遲下我可能會弄一篇post來介紹它( 之前我曾經說過會弄一篇post來介紹我對運動鞋,但到現在仍未有得看 )。

abc _MG_1652 abcde
This pair of socks is so cute. Both of them have a letter L or R at the corner.

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Black, grey and brick

UntitledMonki blouse and shorts, DIY tote bag

One day I decided to take outdoor shoot. But soon the battery of the camera ran out of electricity. Phew!

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_MG_1559 Oh! Today is my 19th birthday. I feel older but I am still childish and ignorant. Just now I was reading The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling and eating strawberries which were of little bit giant and sour .


今天是我19歲生日。我感到老了,但依舊地幼稚、無知。剛才,我在看J.K. RowlingThe Tales of Beedle the Bard和吃了一個又點大又有點酸的士多啤利。

p.s. Wish each of you have a happy friday on 25th May!

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Mist and raindrops

_MG_13677 Previously the weather is so nasty. It sometimes rained cats and dogs. Buildings were often shrouded in mist and raindrops. Everything was so grey. But lately the weather is much better. Nice.


_MG_1346 _MG_1349

By the way, I am starting to use Twitter and Weibo. You can take a look at my profiles here(Twitter) and here(Weibo)!



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Black, brown, floral

_MG_1436 Monki blouse, Zara brogues, Muji socks, H&M floral dress and bag

This black blouse was brought during Monki sale. Actually it is semi-trasparent and has some buttons on the back. A pity that these cannot be shown clearly in these photos.

Besides, to be frank, I do not wear sunglasses in reality. At the moment of time I do not own a pair officially. The one I am holding in the photos is borrowed from my sister. If I wear or hold them in photos, I am most likely treating them like props.



此外,在現實生活中我並不會戴太陽眼鏡。正式來說,我現在是沒擁有太陽眼鏡,相中我手握那副是向sis借的。 如果我照相時拿着或者戴太陽眼鏡,我很大機會是把它當作道具。435 _MG_1447 _MG_1443


Crystal liked

_MG_1007777 The main character in the above photo is the little candy. But apparently that little plastic hedgehog, which is borrowed from my sister, has successfully grabbed the spotlight.

I brought a pack of Japanese lolly with plum from Muji. The crystal liked lollies are beautiful. The salty and sour plum goes with the sweet candy.





Grey sky

My sister with her "YEAH" tote bag.

One day I took a stroll in the afternoon. The sky was so grey. Sometimes it rained.


某天下午,閒逛。天空很灰,有時還會下雨。 _MG_1153 _MG_1114


Haze over the world

_MG_08307 Another picture from that day.

I wanted to enjoy the sunrise and capture the beautiful moment. Unfortunately the sun was hidden in the mist. However, instead of sunrise, I was able to capture down another scene -- haze over the mountains. I also like the atmosphere, birdcalls, sound of river and breeze that I saw, heard and felt when taking this photos.





Black, stripe and leaves

7777777 H&M hat, DIY + Uniqlo sleeveless top, Monki skirt and Dr. Martens 1461 shoes

At the moment of time I do not want to comment on this outfit. Instead I want to make a complaint.

I am getting bored of covering my face in every single photo. I think I am going to take a portrait of myself. Even though I have taken a number of outfit photos I still feel and look uncomfortable in front of the camera. Also shooting myself with a tripod with a tedious plain wall as the backdrop every time makes me feel hateful towards myself. I NEED more outdoor shoots.



我打算為自已拍張肖像相。但就算我拍了一定數量的outfit相,當面對鏡頭時,我依舊表現得很不自在。另外,我想在戶外影outfit 相。但明顯地,我每次都用一面同樣的牆做背景。這樣令我更加討厭自己。9 _MG_1094


Relax, take it easy

_MG_07417 Sai Kung in the morning.

I went to the suburb in Sai Kung last week. Feel so good. It is amazing to take a rest from the city of hustle and bustle and get touch with nature. I rarely get the chance to wake up and be able to immediately see a view without any buildings. I had a really relaxing time here!




Blue and stripe

Adidas sneakers, DIY tote bag, Zara shorts, Monki handcuff, Muji socks and my sis's Muji white plain t-shirt

Long time no see. It is unbelievable that the last time I posted outfit post was on March.

As you can see, the theme of this outfit is "blue and stripe". The sneakers make the whole outfit looks so sporty. I seldom dress so sporty. I am going to make a post about them so stay tuned!


_MG_06937 _MG_06797