Playlist for 2012.7

Playlist : Gloomy
Time : 2012.7
Track : 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8. / 9. 
Listen the playlist on Youtube, click here.

I have decided to make a monthly "playlist" post by setting a theme, selecting some of the songs I listen to in that month. The theme of this month is "gloomy". Hope you enjoy it!


在 Youtube 上聽這張 playlist,按這裏

我決定了每個月都會設立一個主題,挑選那個月裏聽過的其中幾首歌,來弄一篇 “播放清單” post。本月主題是 “gloomy”。希望你欣賞!

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Torture my denim shorts

Actually I have already finished this DIY for 2 weeks but I am too lazy to blog.

I have a pair of jeans left in the wardrobe untouched. I used to wear it out a lot but my affection towards it has faded away a lot. 2 weeks before, I looked at it and thought, "Just left it in the wardrobe is surely a waste!". That's why I firmly decided to turn it into a trashed/shredded/distressed denim shorts!

I have yet worn it out but my sister has already borrowed it for a several times. Nice reaction!


其實,我完成這個 DIY 已有兩個星期。但因為懶惰的關係,我遲遲都未弄篇 post 談談。



My baggy distressed/trashed/shredded denim shorts
In these years I have only worn it out once, as seen here. They also the only original pictures I can show you (I forget to take!). This pair of jeans used to be mid-length and was very baggy. As you can see I had rolled up the shorts. I got it from H&M and was boyfriend style. I even brought it in a wrong size, oversized. I liked it  but now I dislike it.

Overall, in this DIY, I mainly shortened the jeans and heavily trashed the cuffs. As I am not very into grunge style, I just further made a few slashes on it. 


這幾年,我只穿過它外出一次而已,看看這裏。因為記性關係,我忘記了影下它原來的樣子。這幾張相就是我唯一能給到你們看的相。這條牛仔褲曾經是中褲來的,和很鬆,你可以看到我捲起它的褲腳來穿。我在 H&M 到買它的,是 boyfriend風格。我甚至連小也搞錯了-- 買大了。我以前很喜歡它,但現在不。

簡單而言,今次的 DIY 裏,我主要縮短和瘋狂地磨爛它。但我的打扮不太好 grunge,所以破口弄得不太多。

Things you need
A pair of denim jeans, scissors, sandpaper and seam ripper (optional)
(I did not use cutter because at that moment I completely forgot its existence.)


一條牛條褲,剪刀,沙紙和拆線器 (可用可不用)
( 我沒有用“界刂(正字亂碼) ”刀,因為那刻,我徹底忘記了它的存在。)

-the cuffs
1. Wear the jeans to see how long you want to shorten them.
2. Cut away the extra fabric with scissors.
3. Use seam ripper (more convenient) or finger to pull the horizontal thread at the cuff out.
4. Keep removing the horizontal threads until you think the vertical threads raveled out are long enough.
5. Scrape the cuff with sandpaper (so the damages look more natural).
6. Done!

-the slashes
1. Wear the jeans to see where to slash.
2. Slash them with scissors horizontally in cold blood.
3. Cut away the vertical threads at the slashes.
4. Scrape the slashes with sandpaper (so the damages look more natural).
5. Done!

As my jeans looked too loose on me, I did a little sewing work to make it less baggy


1. 穿上身看看自己想把條褲剪短多少。
2. 剪走多餘的布。
3. 用拆線器 (較方便) 或者手指把褲腳上橫向的線拉出來。
4. 不斷除去橫向的線,直到你認為直向的線 (已散出來的) 夠長。
5. 用沙紙磨褲腳 (可令磨爛效果更自然)。
6. 完成!

1. 穿上身看看在那裏弄破口。
2. 冷血地用剪刀打橫地界刂。
3. 剪走在破口的直線。
4. 用沙紙磨破口 (可令磨爛效果更自然)。
5. 完成!


Somethings you need to psych up yourself before undergoing this DIY:
1. Fluffs and dusts will be produced. In my case I kept sneezing when I diy-ed.
2. Be concentrate when removing the threads which are delicate, esp. the slashes.
3. Your arms will feel so tired.
4. Your hands and nails may get few slashes, cuts and scrapes.

Good luck! And feel free to send a photo to my e-mail if you make one!

Anyway, it is either cloudy or rainy in Hong Kong everyday. I probably cannot take any outfit photos for a period of time!


有幾項事情你要在 DIY 前有定心理準備:
1. 會有一定數量的絨毛和塵製造出來,而我 DIY 時就不斷打噴嚏。
2. 當剪線時,要集中精神,特別是破口,那些線十分脆弱。
3. 你的手臂會很酸軟。
4. 你的手和指甲可能會被界刂到,磨到。


另外,最近香港幾乎每天不是下雨便是烏雲密佈,相信有段時間我都不能影 outfit 相!

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Aimee Han

Aimee is a photographer from Australia. I cannot believe that I met up with Aimee last week. I found her blog (Cavaan) few months ago. As I first saw it I was fascinated by her photos which were all taken by a film camera. The scenes she has captured are so natural. The atmosphere is so good.

It was my first time to meet someone from the internet. I was a bit nervous and afraid that I would get tongue-tied. On that day the weather was good and the sun shone bright. She is very nice and I feel very comfortable with her.

Lately the weather in Hong Kong is not friendly at all. It is either raining or cloudy. Sun, please come back!


Aimee 是一位來自澳洲的攝影師。難以相像我上星期才和她碰面過。我幾個月前發現她的 blog (Cavaan)。當時我一看到,馬上被她那些相片迷着。她的相全都是用菲林相機拍的。她捕捉的畫面十分自然,氣氛亦很好。




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Peter Pan and his nude colour

_MG_42712 12 1234
H&M top and Converse high-top both borrowed from sis, Monki jeans and H&M bag

Like the last outfit post, the main gists of the outfit -- the top and the shoes -- are borrowed from my sister. This is the advantage of having a sister who have a similar size as you, esp who shares the wardrobe with you so you can "borrow" her clothes without notice easily!

A couple of months ago I have shot her wearing this Peter Pan collar top. This one is so lovely. I like its nude colour and I like that the collar is not simply made of a plain black cloth but a black lace.  It also has some buttons on the back which you can see here.


就如上一篇 outfit post,今次的主角,鞋和上衣,又是向妹借的。有個與你身形差不多的姊妹,尤其她和你共用衣櫃,而你又可以輕易地和偷偷地 “借” 衫,真不錯!

幾個月前,我曾影過她穿這件 Peter Pan 領上衣。這件上衣十分可愛。我很喜歡它的裸色。而它的領不是純粹由普通的黑色布造的,而是黑色 lace 布。另外,它的背後還有一排鈕,你可以在這裏看到。

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Old men and the village

_MG_3821 _MG_3847 _MG_3849_MG_3853
Last week I went to the mainland China and visited an old village for a day. The first time I have done in these few years. I mainly saw old men there and hardly saw an adult except those who were hired to take care of the old men. I also peeked in some houses and found that some were deserted or even full of weeds and dust. I guess the adults probably go to the city for work and earn a livelihood while farming is no longer able to support their lives.



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Rad Red + MOViE-MOViE-Magazine

f _MG_4027 g _MG_4127 Sebago loafers and Monki pants borrowed from my sister, DIY tote bag, Monki top and handcuff

Red! Actually I do not own any red garments. The main gists of this outfit -- the shoes and pants -- are both borrowed from my little sister. I like how these two things together with my polka tote bag look together. Thumbs up!


Recently Broadway Cinematheque and now TV have collaborated to launch a brand new movie channel MOViE MOViE by bc. They have also published a new and free magazine, MOViE MOViE Magazine aiming to share their love for films. I grabbed mine from Cinematheque after watching Chicken with Plums(At the postlude, although it has no dialogue, I wept... ). MMM's layout is so clean. I like their choice of colours, subtle and not fancy. Very different from what I always see in the newsstands. Another pros is that it is written in both Chinese and English. But it is rather big and I have a problem of storing it.

Besides, in this issue, it is awesome that the movie still of Perfect Sense with Eva Green and Ewan McGregor is on the cover. Thumbs up! And there is an interview of Ewan McGregor about movies. Nice! As you can see, a little poster is attached -- "The Cat with the Dragon Tattoo" drawn by a Hong Kong illustrator, John Ho. The idea of transforming "the girl" into "the cat" is vey funny, haha! Both of them are the movies I like! Thumbs up!

Let me end this post with a quote by Pedro Almodóvar Caballero, "Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness" ( Found it on MMM ).




最近Broadway Cinemathequenow TV推出了一個全新的電影頻道,MOViE MOViE by bc。他們還合作製作了這本免費雜誌,MOViE MOViE Magazine,藉此分享對電影的熱愛。我那本 MMM 是在看完依戀在生命最後8天後 (很好看,尾段即使零對白,我也不停地流淚... ) 起電影中心到拿的。這本雜誌的版面很簡潔。顏色選擇亦很好,低調不花巧。與平時在報攤見到的本地雜誌非常不同。還有,MMM 是中英對照的!但它大小比較大,現在我不知放它在那兒。

今期,亦是第一期,封面是Perfect Sense 其中一幕,有Eva Green 和 Ewan McGregor,正!還有,裏面有 Ewan McGregor 的專訪,不錯!今期還附有一張由香港本地畫家何達鴻執筆的小海報,"The Cat with the Dragon Tattoo (龍紋身的貓) "。將 "女孩" 變成 "" 的想法十分有趣,哈哈!兩套都是我很喜歡的電影,正!

就讓我用Pedro Almodóvar Caballero的一句話來結束這篇post,"Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness" (在 MMM 中發現的)。

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e _MG_3683 My notebooks (left to right): "Bits and Bobs", "Scribbles", "Collage" and "Schedule", plus a fabric tape gifted from my friend

A notebook I brought from Kubrick bookstore just after I finished Chicken With Plums (Awesome!). I just randomly picked up this notebook from the shelf and was immediately fascinated by the simplicity of its cover.

I am quite pessimistic. Starting from the day I got it, I try to jot down the good/sweet/happy things which can be very trivial (e.g. seeing a bright round moon) that happen every day. So when I read this "bits and bobs" notebook I can be more optimistic and get motivation and positive energy for my days, esp lately I think in a rather negative way again.

Anyway, Google Translate tells me le cahier means the notebook.


看完依戀在生命最後8天 (正!)後,從Kubrick書店購得的一本筆記簿。我隨手地從書架上拿起這本簿,馬上被它那簡約的封面迷着。


順帶一提,Google翻譯告訴我,le cahier意思是筆記簿

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_MG_3603 _MG_3600
In the second photo the kitten looks like hoping for something.

By the way today is the first day of July. Time flies. In the past month I had done nothing special. A bit disappointed about myself. But it is encouraged that I had watched 2 really good movies -- Perfect Sense (starring Eva Green and Ewan McGregor) and Chicken With Plums (starring Mathieu Amalric). I weeped when watching both movies...



順帶一題,今天是七月的第一天。時光飛逝。剛過去的一個月中,我沒做過任何大事,對自己有點失望。但鼓舞的是我看了兩套好電影 -- 感官失樂園依戀在生命最後8天。看這兩套電影時我有流淚......

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