A doggy waiting for the back of his/her owner.

August will end after few more days but as you can see I do not blog much this month. I am just not in the right mood for blogging. So please wait. I will be back!


一隻小狗等待着自己的主人回來帶他 / 她走。

過多幾天,八月便會完結了。但你可以見到,今個月我不多更新這個 Blog。現在我只是沒有打 blog 的心情。所以請等多一陣,我會回來的!

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Old photos

B003994-R1-04-8A B003994-R1-06-10A B003994-R1-09-16A
1. In Tai Hang
2. In Sha Tin
3. In Tin Shui Wai

These 3 photos are so different from what I usually post here. All of them were taken around 2 or 3 years ago with my dad's old film camera.

Talk Later.




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Cinema + Bookshop + Cafe

_MG_5490 bc _MG_5504 bc2
Broadway Cinematheque + Kubrick = Cinema + Bookshop + Cafe

2 places I love to go. I appreciate that they have become interconnected after the renovation.

After watching a movie at BC, we went to the cafe. I ordered a set dinner. The food does not taste as good as they look but the atmosphere has taken the priority. This is a comfortable place where you can hang out before or after a movie, chat with your friends, read books, do your own work or enjoy yourself!

I am not going to talk much here because I was sneaky when taking these photos in fear of disturbing the others. Maybe I will blog about these 2 places seriously in the future but only after I get the guts to ask the staff for permission to shoot around. Before it really happens I will keep being sneaky...



在電影中心看完套電影後,我們一同去了這間 cafe。我叫了一份晚餐套餐。食物的味道沒有它們的樣子那麼好,但氣氛成為了優先考慮的原因。這是一個很舒服的地方,你可以在看電影前或之後來打發時間、與朋友談天說地、看書、做自己的工作或享受!


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Stripe + Crochet

_MG_50943 holymoly
Converse sneakers borrowed from sis, DIY tote bag, Muji socks, Zara top and shorts

The blue striped top and crochet shorts are the goodies I got from the recent Zara sale.

I first found the shorts when the sale just started but at that moment I did not have enough money on hand. A week later I went back to the same rack and found they were still on the hanger but with price more reduced.


這件藍毛上衣和鉤針短褲是從最近的 Zara 折扣中購得的。


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"Youth is wasted on the young"

A photo of me at sk85ive2 by Aimee stolen from her blog, Cavaan. I somehow like this photo so much. Thank you.

p.s. I cannot skateboard.

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My "eyes"

sad eyes _MG_5181
The eyes on the bag are just decoration. / 袋上那對眼只是裝飾。
Monki top and shorts, Dr. Martens 1461 shoes, DIY tote bag and socks gifted from a friend

This time, instead of being completely mysterious, I opt for showing you part of my face -- the "eyes". A funny way to cover my face. The idea of eyes on the palms actually comes from a spanish movie, Pan's Labyrinth (El laberinto del fauno). If you have watched it, you know which character I am simulating. Really a nice movie but very sad. But the ending is still a happy one to that little girl.

By the way, the things inside the tote bag are some free and good readings.


在這個 blog 裏面,我一直都沒有任何相能徹底地看到我那張臉。今次,我破例地沒有完全地遮蓋樣子,我選擇了給你們看看我的靈魂之窗 -- ”我雙眼“。一個挺有趣的方法來 (/ 倒頭來還是 ) 遮臉。這個構思其實來自一套西班牙電影 -- 魔間迷宮 (El laberinto del fauno)。如果你有看過,你應該知我在扮那個角色。真是一套不錯但很傷感的電影。不過對那個小女孩而言,這個結局都算開心。

順帶一提,tote bag 裏裝載着的是一些免費但好的讀物。

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