One of the afternoons

Koey walking pass a stainless steel door with a bush on top.

I am going to have less time for hanging out with friends. I know that I will miss them. This post shows you some snatches of an afternoon with them. Hope you are not already bothered by my life-related posts.


現在,我少了時間與朋友一起。我知道我會想念他們。而這篇 post 便紀錄了我八月時其中一個下午的片段。希望你們仍未對我這些與生活有關的 post 感到煩厭。

_MG_5545 otd2
Lunch time at Pho Saigon. A fresh taste of Vietnam. We three ate Cold Vermicelli with lemongrass pork chop and with fish sauce added. Best for the hot summer.



Eunice sitting next to a rubbish bin.

_MG_5565 _MG_5566
Dessert time at Lad-Made.

It is very interesting to see how they use the "laboratory way" just to make the little round ice-cream. Only 4 tastes of ice-cream are available but they will change the tastes every 2 weeks. We had tried the flavour of purple rice, strawberry and chocolate. My favorite is purple rice. Want to eat that purple rice flavour now!

"If you are sad, big sister buy you an ice-cream!"


在 Lab-Made 吃甜品。



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The smell of autumn

Uniqlo dress as top, Monki skirt, Dr. Martens shoes


Long time no C! I had not posted any outfit posts for a long time. Luckily Aimee has taken few photos of me and I think they are enough to make a post. Thanks Aimee!

Lately I just keep on reading during my leisure time. Once you start It is hard to stop until you finish it. It also makes me sleep and wake up late, missing the prime time and sunshine for taking photos.

Now I can smell autumn, my favorite season at the moment. Everything in this season is moderate like humidity, sunshine, temperature...

By the way, I am on Instagram now: @bykikili


很久沒見了!我已有好一段時間沒有打任何 outfit post 了。好在,Aimee 之前為我影了幾張相,而且足夠可以拼湊成一篇 post!



順帶一提,我現在用 Instagram 了: @bykikili

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At night

_MG_5508 wimm _MG_5510
Walking in the darkness feels lonely. But when there are friends with you the feeling is completely different.

Sometimes while walking in the darkness, I like imagining I am a film's main actress. There are cameras concealed at some covert places recording my every moves. I also do narrating on my own mind, describing and talking the things encountered during the journey.

I feel like my blog is withering. The things I posted here lately are monotonous and uninteresting -- mainly about my life.




我感覺上,這個 blog 好像在枯萎中。我最近的更新全部都很單調和沒有趣 -- 主要關於我的生活。

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2012.8 ( ??? )

( I dunno. )

This is the playlist for August. Not kidding! I cannot find any songs that can arouse echo with my "August's mood".



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