A pleasant day

Finally I asked my sister to help me get that 2 rolls of film developed. These photos were taken 2 months ago. All happened on the same day.



In the afternoon 11740007 11740009
This doggie is funnily taking a nap.

11740010 11740011 11740012
Remember? But the kitten was not here.

At night
Dinner time.

Thumb fight! Koey VS Eunice. I forget who win.

Pipes and ceiling lamp.

Eunice and McDonald.

A pleasant day.

Every time I shoot with digital camera I take lots of photos of an subject, then select the best and delete the rest. But when it comes to analog camera, I click the shutter quite randomly. Unlike digital one I cannot see the photo instantly. So I am more carefree with analog camera. And not every photos can be successfully developed. It feels like playing a game, with luck seeping in. Not all the things are in our hands.



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Ice-cream cheers me up

Yeah, I really like ice-cream. I have promised myself I have to eat ice-cream at least once a week.

Oh I suddenly miss everyone.




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Simplicity is good

I am now showing you few things I like. They are just some simple and ordinary stuff but every time I look at them I feel good. Probably because this world is too complicated, making simplicity more treasurable.



_MG_6236 _MG_6243
1. Muji Bekko Candy + Envelops + Pen

I seldom eat candies but there is always exceptions. Muji Bekko Candy is one of my favorite snacks in the world at the moment. It tastes not very sweet. Just moderate.

With envelops, I can spread the sweetness to the others.

With pen, I can write a few words to them.





2. Plain tops

Black and white from Muji, grey from Uniqlo men. They look boring but are comfortable. By the way the black one was discovered with discount.

One of the advantages of wearing plain tops is you can put the same one on every day without being too awkward. You can convince the others actually you have a number of the exact same tops to change every day. To be more persuasive you can raise examples like Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Doraemon's Nobita Nobi...


黑色和白色購自無印良品,灰色購自 Uniqlo 男裝部。它們的樣子單調沉悶,但穿上身舒服。順帶一題,黑色那件被發現時有折扣。

穿素色上衣的其中一個好處是,就算你每一日都穿着同一件衫見人都不會太尷尬。你可以說服其他人,其實自己有好幾件與身上那件一模一樣的衫來每日替換。如果想更有說服力,你可以舉幾個例子來支持,就好像喬布斯、愛因斯坦、多啦 A 夢的野比大雄......

_MG_6257 _MG_6261
3. Leather wallet from Muji

This wallet has stayed with me less than a year, remember? See, it looks quite dirty already. But I like it even more.

Leather products become darker as time goes by, like a man becoming much maturer as the age grows.




4. Cute socks

Both of these tie-dyed sock and "funny face" sock are from Monki.

Although socks are hid inside the shoes, after a tiring day it is a delight to see my feet when putting off the shoes. Sometimes part of it is revealed, adding more spice to my feet. Sometimes trivia can bring me positive energy.


這兩隻紮染襪和 “笑臉” 襪都是購自 Monki。


_MG_5253 fc
5. Konica MG/D analog camera

This camera belongs to my father. Although it is smaller than me, it is in fact older than me. Only 1 out of these 3 rolls of films in these photos are developed. I have shown some of the photos here.

Sometimes analog camera is irreplaceable. Things shot out of it are much truer and less pretentious than the digital one.


這部相機是我爸的。雖然它的體積比我細小,但事實上它的年紀比我還要大。在這幾些相中的三卷菲林,得其中一卷拿了去冲曬,有部分相我之前 post 過。


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HK BookFair

book3 _MG_4586
I am not a good blogger. Hong Kong Book Fair 2012 has already ended for over 2 months so basically this is a serious overdue post.

I went to HKBF on its last day, right after the typhoon signal no.8 was lowered. All the exhibitors were making discount. Now every time I go to bookstores I miss those discounts so badly.


香港書展 2012 已在一個月多前完結了,所以這篇 post 的確過期得很。


_MG_4582 book4
On the right photo, Eunice was writing

At Kubrick's stall, it was doing a project called "Lend A Book To HKBF" which I really appreciate. People could take a blank book cover, create a book that they would like to see. Then the others could write something inside in response to the cover.

My passion for reading has been ignited again.


在 Kubrick 的攤檔,他們當時正進行一個叫「借一本書給書展」的計劃,我十分欣賞。人們可以拿一個空白的書皮,用筆創作一本他們希望書展會有的書。而其他人就可以在內頁寫上對封面相關的回應。


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