Uncle Blue

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Muji black top, Zara crochet shorts, Kanken backpack and Converse sneakers

Yeah! This is my new backpack from Fjallraven Kanken. It has been on the top of my wish list for an age. Feel good to carry it aound. Its colour's name is Uncle Blue. A colour with a very interesting name and I like both of them so much.

Actually this backpack is not really new because it has already been with me for 2 months. And this set of photos were actually shot last month. Overdue again. Blame on my laziness.


Yeah!相中我揹着的是新買的 Fjallraven Kanken 背包。一直以來我都很想要它,現在我終於擁有了。揹着它周圍走,感覺真好。它的顏色叫 Uncle Blue,即是藍色叔叔 (?)。一個擁有很有趣的名字的顏色,而兩樣我都非常喜歡。

事實上,這個不算背包新了,因為它待在我身邊已有兩個月。而這輯相是一個前影下的,又是一篇過期的 post。只能怪我太懶。

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I have not held a camera and taken photos seriously for nearly 3 months, except that time. This makes me feel rather incomplete. Therefore one day I decided to go out and take these photos with tripod and self-timer. It is my first time ever to go out with a tripod.

Luckily there were not many people around. And thankfully the weather was so nice. I could hear the chirps of birds and the sound from the nearby construction site. I felt relaxed and peaceful. A pity that I was alone.




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2012.9 & 10 ( Fall )

Playlist : Fall
Time : 2012.9 & 10
Track : 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8. / 9. / 10. 11. / 12. / 13. / 14. / 15. / 16. / 17. / 18. / 19. 
Listen the playlist on Youtube, click here.

These songs are basically what I often listen to in the previous 2 months. I did not have a particular strong feeling for a specific type of songs.

Fall is nearly over. It is my favorite season. As transiting from summer to winter, it is temperate, neither too cold nor hot. Also it smells the best out of the four.

" Fall leaves as soon as leaves fall. " A sentence I found when I looked up at Wikipedia.

p.s. These words are written by my left hand.


在 Youtube 上聽這張 playlist,按這裏



p.s. 這些字是我用左手寫的。

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