Music | 2012.11 & 12 ( Blessing in disguise )

Playlist : Blessing in disguise
Time : 2012.11 & 12
Track : 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8. / 9. / 10. 11. / 12. / 13. / 14. / 15. / 16. / 17. / 18. / 19. / 20. / 21. / 22. / 23 / 24. 
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This is gonna be the last playlist and also the last post of 2012. Hope you enjoy it!

Tomorrow is the last day of 2012. I thought I would update more often after updating the last post. But Hong Kong's weather has been very cold lately. I always stick to my bed and tapping the cell phone (hehe) until midday to have breakfast (?). Wish (again) this situation can be improved (it is probably not possible until spring comes... )! See you next year. Wish you all have a blast in 2013!

Edited: The 17th song in the playlist is written as "Porcelain - Unless You Speak" but it should "Porcelain Raft - Unless You Speak From Your Heart". ( I probably wrote it during midnight. )


在 Youtube 上聽這張 playlist,按這裏

這個 playlist 相信會是 2012 年最後一個 playlist 以及最後一篇 post。希望你們會喜歡!

明天是 2012 年的最後一天。更新完上一篇 post 後,我原先希望自己會勸力點,多些更新這個 blog。但最近香港的天氣很冷。差不多每天,我都躲在床上 “督” 手機 ( 嘿嘿 ) ,到中午時分才起身吃早餐 (?)。希望 (又是希望) 這個情況能有改善 ( 不排除不會發生,直到春天來臨,氣溫回暖...... ) 。下年再見!祝大家,2013 年過得開開心心!

編輯:Playlist 入面的第 17 首歌應該是 "Porcelain Raft - Unless You Speak From Your Heart",但我寫成 "Porcelain - Unless You Speak"。( 我很有可能是在午夜時寫的。 )

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Blooming Leopold

Hello everyone! Long time no time! Cannot believe it is already the Christmas Eve. Time flies! I know I have always been a poor blogger but school stuff fills up my time table. With my poor time management it is hard for me to squeeze time for blogging. Now I am on holidays. I will try my best to blog more instead of just knitting scarf, watching movies, taking nap, strolling around, eating ice-cream...

Lately Lauren, a lovely blogger over Blooming Leopold, invited me to do a guest blog post for Christmas in Hong Kong. Read it here!

Wish you all a merry Christmas!


哈嚕各位,很久沒見了!難以相信現在已是聖誕前夕 / ”平安日“了。真是光音似箭!我知道我一直都不是一位好的 blogger,但學校的東西填滿了我的時間表,加上不善時間分配,更加令我難找時間去打 blog。現在正值假期,我會儘量抽時間打多些 blog,而不只是織頸巾、看電影、睡午覺、周圍逛、吃雪糕 ......

最近,Blooming Leopold 的 Lauren 邀請我去客席打 blog,主題圍繞香港我聖誕節。有空便去看看吧


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Chaiwan, eat

It is the last time I met up with Aimee during September. Right, almost 3 months ago. Another long overdue update again. I promise I will try to improve the problem! But at least 2 more overdue posts are coming... Blame on my laziness and endless nap......

This time, we had lunch at Chaiwanese. This restaurant is in Chaiwan, as its name suggested. It is rare for an eatery located in an industrial building far from the hustle and bustle downtown area and the crowd. It creates a comfortable vibe with some simple decoration and an expansive window allowing sunlight coming in, making a strong contrast with the world just outside its door. Its is quite special in Hong Kong.

However, because of lunch break, the place was rather busy and filled with loads of people. Quite noisy.


最近那次與 Aimee 見面已是九月了,又是一篇過期的 post,而且是兩個月前。我答應,我會努力逐漸改善這類過期問題!但手頭上,我仍有最小兩篇過期的 post ...... 只能怪我太懶和常常打盹睡......



Aimee got a terrible bruise. Looked painful but I still pressed it anyway...

When people paid money they got a poker (interesting!) for collecting their own food later on at the counter.

Our set lunch. Hers is linguine. Mine is burger. With mugs of cream of mushroom soups and plates of salad.

Inside the elevator.

Goodbye, Aimee.

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