5 months after

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Uniqlo plaid shirt, lambswool jumper and skinny jeans, Zara lace-up shoes, DIY tote bag and H&M beanie

I have promised myself I had to finish this post on the first day of 2013. But now there are only 40 minutes left before the end of today.

The last indoor outfit post was posted on 2012.8.12 . It sounds like an age ago. I always told myself I am lack of the motivation, inspiration or idea / too tired or too busy or even too moody to blog... Basically these are all excuses. I am simply too lazy to do anything. Time flies. 2012 has ended. I am going to be 20 years old. I do not want to waste time anymore. I need to blog more and keep myself busy. Therefore, to begin with, I set this limit to myself to finish this post.

25 minutes left.

Anyway, I did not shoot any outfit photos for a long time. This one is a bit boring. Luckily, the beanie helps a lot to make this outfit look more interesting. It is still a good start. Right?

20 minutes left.


我答應過自己要在 2013 年的第一天內完成這篇 post,但距離今天的完結,現在只剩下 15 分鍾。

上一篇室內拍的 outfit post 已經是 2012.8.12 的事。感覺好像已是好久好久以前的事。我之前常常對自己說,我之所以不打 blog,是因為缺乏動力靈感構思,又或是太累太忙,什至心情太差。其實簡單而言,全都是藉口。我純粹是因為太懶。時間過得很快。2012 年已經完了。我都快將 20 歲。我不想再浪費任何時間。我要多些打 blog 和令自己忙碌一點。所以,一開始,我就設定了個死線要自己完成這篇 post。

尚餘 5 分鐘。

無論如何,我已有好一段時間沒有影 outfit 相。這個看上去有點悶。幸好,這頂冷帽幫了很大的忙令整套衫看上去有趣點。這仍是一個好開始,對嗎?

超時 3 分鐘,有點失望。/ 3 minutes overtime, a bit disappointed.

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  1. That's a simple and quite cool outfit. Like that much. :)

  2. I love your outfit!
    It's simple but really cute.
    and your beanie is so cool xx

  3. It is nice to see an ourfit post from you again. I hope that I do not have to wait 5 months to see the next one.

  4. Your legs are perfection and your style so simple yet so nice!

  5. I feel the same about 2013, I also hope I can keep myself more busy with productive things. Good luck Kiki!

    On another note, I think you look like the cutest lumber jack! Have a happy winter in Hong Kong :3

  6. wow I love your photography.


  7. 我好锺意你啊!Love the way you style your clothes, probably because you're tall, which makes you stand out from wearing anything!

  8. I love the beanie and the way that you wrote this post, very cute and humorous. Also I agree about the beanie, it gives an urban edge to the outfit.

  9. gorgeous! love your outfits.. simple and stylish :D
    love your skinny jeans
    I love ur blog, just followed your blog