Slow life with Detour 2012

Last month, during the exam period, I gave myself a break to go to Detour. ( But I always give myself to much breaks... Argh. )

Detour has already come to an end. But anyway, Detour is an annual activities organized by Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design showcasing creations by both local and oversea artists. It also has a Makers' fair and occasionally hold some workshop and some gigs. Every year it is held at different places in Hong Kong. In 2012 it was organized at Former Wan Chai Police Station, the lot of Former Wan Chai Policed Married Quarter and Central Oasis Gallery (I did not go to this one).

Here are just a few snaps showing a little part of Detour. There were much more interesting spots.


上個月, 在考試期間,我讓自已放放鬆,去了 Detour 一趟。( 但我經常讓自己放太多鬆... 唉。 )

Detour 其實已經在完結了。但無論如何,Detour 是一年一度的活動,由香港設計大使舉辨,展出本地和海外的藝術家的作品。它另外有設計市集,還會間中舉辦工作坊和一些音樂演奏。每年 Detour 都在不同地方舉行,2012年便在前灣仔警署,前灣仔警察宿舍 ( 現在已是一片空地 ) 和綠洲藝廊 ( 這個沒有去到 ) 。

以下是幾張相展示 Detour 的一小部分,那裏還有更多有趣的地方。

Had "brunch" at a char chan teng first.

2 Kankener were scribbling on the blackboard.

p.s. I asked them to behave naturally and forget my existence but something like this come out finally - look what the red Kankener were doing.
At Hawkerama II, there was a stall with the theme of Chiness Chess. Oh my god! Had not played it for a long time. So much fun here!
The back of Rainbow Leung's stall -- 朋友都係舊嘅好 " Old friends are the best " (Not a good translation by me).
Make a wish / 許願

Inside the former Police Station
a Installation by Caroline Mak
_MG_6967 Wan Chai Instax Love : 999 by Rraay Lai
Drawing by Little Thunder
Drooling Dreamland of a Hong Kong Foodie by Michhy Tang

" 此袋食材已聽過以下音樂,隨時可以用來做醬。"How funny it is! It means " this bag of ingredient has listened the following songs. It is ready to make sauce anytime ".

_MG_7064 b
Time to go home. The street was quiet. Really enjoyed the peace. It was cruel that I needed to go to school the next day where I am hardly in calm.



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  1. Amazing pictures!


  2. Awesome pictures. I really like the drawings by Little Thunder!

  3. Amazing, it looks so fun! Exam study breaks are necessary :)

  4. Wow, so you guys have primary colored Kankens! How cool ha ha. I wish I could have gone, all the exhibits look really great, especially the Instax love :3

  5. Looks like this was really fun, I love festivals like these! Worth skipping a little bit of studying for, I would say, haha.

    I love your blog by the way, your photos are gorgeous.

  6. Wonderful pics!! She are so real when see them,it's my opinion :) and I think that