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1. Diaries

Few notebook brought from Kubrick. Their covers are so lovely. It is enjoyable to write in these pretties -- one of the good motivation to make me write diary. I am writing the blue one now but it only has few blank pages left. Gotta buy a new one.

Hey, don't peep!


這幾本筆記簿是從 Kubrick 買的。它們的封面很可愛。在這些簿子寫字,十分享受 -- 其中一個好的推動力讓我寫日記。我現在寫藍色那本,但它只剩下幾頁是空白的。一定要買本新的。


_MG_6849 _MG_6851
2. Books

At the moment, including those borrowed from friend, there are a number of books left on the book shelves unread. Very sorry for them. But I got these 2 from a garage sale for only HKD$25. $20 for The World of Susie Wong and $5 for The Tale of Flopsy Bunnies. How can I resist?


現在,包括向朋友借的書,仍有好幾本書被擱置在書櫃上,完全未看過。對它們的遭遇深感抱歉。但這兩本書是從一個 garage sale 中買到的,合共只花了 HKD$25,The World of Susie Wong $20,The Tale of Flopsy Bunnies $5。誘惑當前,難以忍手。

3. Sweets + Letters

I sent out candies to my friends. Quite happy to hear their feedback!





4. Mum-made bamboo knitting needles

After knitting this scarf, I am afraid I have become a knitting addict.

p.s. Yeah, my mum made these needles.



p.s. 是的,這些織針是我媽弄的。

5. Notebooks / Sketchbooks

Under the pretext of having a clearer classification, I buy different notebooks and sketch books for doodling, writing, collaging and planing. After a period of time a pile of them is built up. But the old one is still new. Um...


以為了有更清晰的分類的藉口下 ,我買了不同的筆記簿和畫簿來畫畫、寫寫字、剪下貼和計畫一下。過了一段時間後,一疊簿就是這樣積聚下來。但舊的仍是新的。唔......

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  1. I don't know what it is with your blog, but it is just perfect!
    I'm in love with those dairies too, found one with a deer on it (my favorite animal). Furthermore I got a knitting addiction (grandma is sending me patterns for a while now), sketchbook and notebook addiction for a couple of years now (a collection of empty ones is building up in my writing desk), and am I writing dairies since i'm nine years old.
    I'm still looking for a pen pall actually. Your letters are looking great.
    I just recognize myself in the whole post.

    Hope you will get some great letters back!

  2. Adorable notebooks! c:
    Wow I haven't sent a letter for years haha.

  3. Are those MUJI notebooks in that pile? Ha ha. I buy too many notebooks, but I never get to finish writing on every page (because I keep buying new ones)!

  4. ugh you're making me want to buy notebooks and stationary! baaaane of my life :) x

  5. so gorgeous! I love your blog so much!


  6. I've got a huge tick of collecting notebooks where I can scribble things and nonsense in :)