"Cinema romance"

I am dying. Blaming on my poor time management, I always dash my schoolwork right before the deadline with the occasional need for skipping my lunch. It feels terrible and makes myself have no much spare and quality time but these are the price of being a deadline-fighter. But if I have time and mood to take photos I mostly use the analog camera which is much lighter than a DSLR camera.

2 weeks ago and last week I had developed 2 rolls of film respectively. Now I only have one deadline on hand but it is in tomorrow's afternoon (around 23 hours left) and now is not the right time to dash it so I can manage to blog them. These photos came from the 2nd roll and were taken at the same places in 2 days.



兩星期前和上星期,我分別拿了兩筒菲林去曬。現在我手上有一條死線,但是在明天中午的 (大約有二十四小時剩),而這一刻仍不是合適的時間去趕死線,所以我現在能夠 blog 它們出來。這些相來自第二筒的,攝於同一個地方但不同的日子。

1st day
38550002 38550001
2 cats sleeping in a bakery tools shop. As the 2nd cat kept still, I presumed it was sleeping too. /
When my shadow met her file. /
Trivia: This file was later mistaken as a menu in the restaurant when another customer suddenly took it away ahead of us. /
Dusk. /
A back street cat. When I took out my camera it stopped moving and looked at the camera. When I finished this shoot , it just turn its head and walkaway gracefully. /
After watching Silver Linings Playbook, it was midnight already./
38550014 38550017

2nd day
"It's dark now"

I like going out during daytime. But the schedule only allowed me to meet my favorite people and go on adventure during nighttime. Nevertheless, the quietness at night is quite comfortable. /
38550024 38550026 38550031 38550029
Ready for Amour which made me sentimental for few days. /
38550032 38550027
Cinema Romance, a small exhibition inside Kubrick cafe by 2 local artists, Martin Cheung and Micheal Leung. By the way, that huge photos were shot by a pinhole camera but this time the camera is a movie theater. And you can see it "normally" in negative effect.


Cinema Romance,一個由兩位本地藝術家 Martin Cheung 和 Michael Leung 合辦,在 Kubrick Cafe 展出的小型展覽。順帶一提,這張巨型的相是由針孔相機影的,不過今次的相機是一間電影院。還有,這張相要用負片效果才能"正常地"看。

38550028 38550033 38550034

Previously I received an email from a PR company which asked me some weird questions. I guess it mistook me for doing sponsored posts for Movie-Movie-Magazine, e.g. here and here. I just want to share things I like. I never did any sponsored posts. I never do any sponsored posts. And I will never do any sponsored posts. But I am welcome if you want to sponsor / gift / reward me something. Sorry for showing my greedy side ˊ_>ˋ)y

p.s. However, if you remember, I have accepted a sponsored stuff before (only once so far), and you may have noticed that the post has disappeared... Apologize that I only blog the things I really appreciate.


之前我收到一封公關公司寄來的e email,問我一些古怪的問題。我猜他們應該誤會我幫 Movie-Movie-Magazine 打贊助post,例如這裏這裏。我只是想在這裏分享我遇到又喜歡的事。我之前未打過贊助 post,現在也沒有打贊助 post,將來也不會打贊助 post。但我會很歡迎,如果你想贊助東西 / 送禮物給我 / 獎勵我。很抱歉,我竟然在這裏展示了自己貪心的一面 ˊ_>ˋ)y

p.s. 但是,如果你記得,之前我都收過贊助的東西 (亦是目前的唯一一次),你可能留意到那 post 已經消失了...... 很抱歉,我只想為自己真心欣賞的東西打 blog。

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  1. I really love your photos!

  2. i don't know why but i find these photos really cute. ♥

  3. somehow those are very charming! x

  4. love your random musings from hk. it's one of the few ways i keep up to date with things there. im drowning in work too :(

  5. Hi, just wondering what camera are you using? :)