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Around 2 months ago, I went to an event called Forgotten Dreams Carnival. It was held under a highway at Kwun Tong. There were some gigs. It was my very first time to go to this type of event. They are awesome. I completely did not know there were such local bands before. Hope to find out more underground music gigs.


我之前去了一個叫 Forgotten Dreams Carnival 的活動。它在觀塘的一條公路下舉行。那裡有些樂隊表現。這是我第一次去這類型的活動。這些樂隊很正。我之前完全不知道有這些本地樂隊存在。希望能找到更多地下音樂的表演。

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  1. Please update if you find any more of these gigs! I usually go to HK in the summer, but I never know where to explore.