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After going through the most exhausting May ever, I flew straight to Taiwan with Eunice and Koey, traveling in Kenting and Taipei. As we have no time for preparation at all this trip was quite ill-prepared. But Taiwanese were so nice that we could just make up the plan by asking the local in between every destination. Or during the midnight E and K used hostel's computer to google around for suggestion. Me? Showering and watching HBO movie channel... Anyway, I had a great time. It is great to completely leave aside what has happened in Hong Kong and recharge myself.

I have shot lots of photos that I am going to split them into few posts. Stay tuned!


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過完人生中最精疲力竭的 5 月,我便和 EnuiceKoey 飛往台灣,在墾丁和台北"慢"遊。因為沒時間的關係,這次的行程嚴重地缺乏計劃。不過台灣人十分友善,我們可以在每個目的地之間不斷地問本地人來計劃行程。或者,在半夜時 E 和 K 便借民宿的電腦上網搜尋一下建議。我?洗白白和看 HBO 的電影台... 無論如何,我很享受在台灣的這幾天。完全地把香港的事放在一旁為自己好好地充電,感覺很好呢。

這幾天我影了很多相,所以會分開幾篇 post。待會在續!

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  1. Awesome pic! Can't wait to see the rest of the photos from your trip!

  2. Loved this pic!