Denim #1

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Muji clutch bag, Monki sleeveless shirt, Uniqlo Jeans, Gap shoes

I have decided to make a "#denim" series with some doodling to pay tribute to denim being one of the best invention in the world. And the same sleeveless shirt is going to be worn in most of these denim posts -- even for the same top, different denim item makes the whole thing different. "#Jeans" is the first one.

2:15 am already. Bye and good night!

p.s. I still remember the "shades of" series but I don't feel like making it at the moment.


為表達我對 denim 這樣偉大的發明的敬意,我決定弄一個叫做 "#denim" 系列,附加一些塗鴉。而這件沒袖襯衫將會時常出現 -- 即使是同一件上衣,但襯上不同的 denim 出來的整個效果都截然不同。"#Jeans"是第一個。

現在已是 2:15 am 了。Bye,晚安!

p.s. 我仍記得那個 "shades of" 的系列,但最近的感覺對這個系列不太對路。

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  1. Great simple outfit, I love it <3

  2. I really like your blog, I like your style and all your looks, you are charming!!

  3. this is so gorgeous <3

  4. simple... but so lovely <3 love your boots :))

  5. i just discovered your blog and it's soooo so pretty! i really love your style and your photos and all of your things, i know already that you're going to be one of my favourite blogs! xxx