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I really miss Kenting. I miss that I lived next to the sea. Every time I stepped out the hostel, I could see the ocean, hear the wave breaking on the beach, feel the wind blowing and smell the salty sea breeze*. I miss that even without any driving licenses I could ride the electric bike at 45km/h to anywhere as long as I wish**. I miss the good weather***. Good sunshine always succeed in bringing good mood to me although I got bad sunburnt finally.

* Saltier than Hong Kong.
** I am a dangerous driver who just become more dangerous after every incident.
*** The locals told me the weather was not good actually...


我很想念墾丁。我想念住在大海的一旁,每次一踏出民宿門口我就能見到海,聽着浪拍打着沙灘,又可以吹海風,嗅海水的鹹味*。我想念即使沒有任何駕駛執照,都可以以時速 45km/h 駕着電動車在馬路上飛馳,去我想去的地方**。我想念每天的好天氣***,好陽光總是能令我擁有好心情,雖然我最後曬傷了。

* 比香港的鹹
** 不過我是個危險駕駛者,而且是會變本加勵的那種
*** 本地人竟然說天氣其實並不算好...

_MG_0129 _MG_0144 _MG_0152
The taxi driver brought us to see carol reef on the way to hostel. When saying goodbye, he gave us some litchi. Oh my god. He is so nice! /
前往民宿期間,的士司機帶了我們去看珊瑚礁。道別時,他突然問我們楊貴妃喜歡什麼水果,結了些荔枝結我們吃,還說吃後便會變妃子 (害羞)。天啊!他很友善!

_MG_0179 _MG_0184
After settling down, I took a nap on this beach. /

_MG_0227 _MG_0243
A night at Hengchuen for seeing fireflies. My first time to be surrounded by such an amount of fireflies. So beautiful. They looked as if they were stars but shimmering on the trees. /

2 _MG_0359
Chuanfanshr, aka "Sail rock". /

_MG_0463  _MG_0510 _MG_0549 _MG_0575 _MG_0562
Erluanbi and the lighthouse and the sea. /

_MG_0613 _MG_0635 _MG_0645
Our electric bike tour went on. /

5 _MG_0669
Fengchueisha, aka "Wind blown sand". A place that could speak the tragic story. I am glad that I came here when it was such gloomy because under this kind of weather it felt much more deathly and moodier. The visual effect and the feeling it brought was so strong which can only be understood in first hand. /

Street light at night attracted lots of bugs flying around it. /

At night the dark sky was star-spangled. /

Longkan which is a ecological conservation area. As there is the limitation of 200 people at max each day, an appointment needed to be made first. /
龍坑是個自然保育區。由於限制了每天最多只能讓 200 人進入,要去就要先預約。

Water is a must. /

_MG_0837 _MG_0889
As the sunshine was too bright, we were told by the staff to take a good rest here because it is the only place with shelter nearby the sea. /
 10 _MG_0926
Still in Longkan.

The scene I love the most in this Taiwan trip! The sea looks calm but its waves hit wildly on the rocky shoreline.  Looking from a cliff and hearing the hitting sound, I was impressed and scared. It was breathtaking -- my breath was taken away in astonishment. I could feel the tremendous power of nature which made me feel small. Until now, I think of this scene from time to time and imagine myself standing on the seashore and getting hit by the waves. Oh I miss it so much.




* \ ( 海 o 海 ) / *

On our way. ( This photo was shot with only a single hand when I was driving the bike. ) /
繼續我們的路。( 這張相是我在駕着電動車時用單手影 )

_MG_0982  15 _MG_1004_MG_1008  _MG_1024 _MG_1025
Kenting Ranch. Cows are so cute. So are their poo poo. /

Bye bye my bike (the blue one)! /
再見我的座駕 (藍色那台)!

A night of another day, had supper at a Mexican restaurant and met this little girl. /

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  1. Amazing photos! It seems like you had a great trip! :D

  2. Wow these photos are amazing Kiki! So nice to have you back on the blog :)

  3. I love the photos! I've never disappointed in your blog posts. They are always wonderful to look through. You managed to pass on the travelling feelings and I can't wait to have a chance myself to explore a new place.

    - http://despite-the-style.blogspot.com/

  4. Wow, it looks like you had a really fun time! I like the picture of the cows, I love cows. I guess their poop is pretty cute? Ha ha ha! Beautiful photos, Kiki.


  5. Oh my word, that little girl in the last photo is adorable! Really enjoy your blog and photography.

  6. 墾丁被你拍得好美
    I miss Kenting too.