Sushi and dot

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Polka dot again!
Snupped gifted me a laptop case. I was too rush and had chosen one from their Zipper Sleeve collection. Later I found they also have Spacesuit which you can use your own print and has vinyl layer on it. But the sushi print is too cute to not to love.



Snupped 送了個手提電腦套給我。當時我太趕,便在他們的 Zipper Sleeve 中選了個。之後發現原來他們還有另一個電腦套叫 Spacesuit,而且可以用自已的圖片,和有 vinyl layer 在表面。不過這些壽司圖案太可愛了。

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  1. ah, i just adore the way you shoot your photos. It's so simple but amazingly beautiful. Love how you work with empty spaces.

  2. I may be obsessed with all of it.

  3. The laptop case is so cute and you're so pretty <3

  4. the sushi print is too cute.

  5. Hi there! May I ask how was the quality of garments from Wholesale7? Have been eyeing on them for a while and accidentally found you've purchased some items from them. Thanks xo

    1. They are actually c/o items. Their quality is not the best but the price is quite cheap and it does worth the price, probably becoz they are wholesaler. I have seen the skirt I wore in the previous post in a random boutique but the price is x6 more expensive. So I think you can give it a try!