Denim #2

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Blue Q bag, Monki sleeveless shirt, Zara shorts, Converse sneakers

Hola! I am still alive! I have been feeling sick for a period of time. Stomachache, headache, vomiting... Probably because of too much ice-cream or just pressure? I don't know but I am alright. Life gets busy a bit lately but hopefully will be restored back to normal very soon.

By the way, after 3 months, here is the new #denim post! This time is  #shorts. Hope you like it!


Hola!我仍存活着的!最近身體感覺不適了好一段時間。頭痛、胃痛、嘔...... 可能因為吃了太多雪糕或者純粹是壓力因素?我都不肯定,不過我現在很好。這陣子生活都忙碌了點,不過相信很快會回復正常。

三個月後,終於有新的 #denim post!今次主題是短褲,希望你喜歡!

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  1. love the look, so simple and cute!
    just discovered your blog, it's very cozy!
    13 FRIDAYS

  2. Such a clean blog, adore it! And amazing post, love your style

    Cathy & Sarah | http://theinkberry.com