Playlist for 2013.1

Playlist : Fuck the world
Time : 2013.1
Track : 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8. / 9. / 10. / 11. / 12. / 13. 
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The first playlist of 2013 and the last day of January.

Edited: Just found out a spelling mistake in the picture. The 10th song, Asobi Seksu not Asobi Seku!


2013 年第一張播放清單和一月的最後一天。

編輯:Playlist 入面的第 10 首應該是 Asobi Seksu,但寫成了 Asobi Seku

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Skirt or short?

b3 b1 _MG_8188 b2
H&M beanie, varsity jacket, Monki skirt, shorts, Zara striped top, Kanken backpack and Converse high-top sneakers

Here are 2 outfits but they are nearly the same, except one of the black bottom is shorts while another is skirt.

Lately nearly every youngsters on the street are wearing varsity jacket. Although I do not want to be one of the "too-much", I was fascinated by the blue of this varsity jacket from H&M's kid section. Awesome! But later I have spotted other girls wearing this jacket for several times.


By the way, I prefer the one with shorts!


這裏有兩套 outfit,但它們都差不多一模一樣的,除了一個的黑色下身是短褲,另一個是半截裙。

最近,差不多街上每個年青人都穿棒球外套。雖然我不太想成為其中一個"太多",但我被這件 H&M 童裝部的棒球外套的藍色迷著了。正!但之後,我便見到其他女士穿這件外套好幾次了。


順帶一題,我比較喜歡穿短褲的那個 outfit!

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Photo of me by Koey

I like the pastel palette of this photo.

I took a visit to Fotanian Open Studios 2013 last weekend. Around 300 studios in various industrial buildings were opened to the public. As I need to leave at dusk I can only visit a fraction of them. Surely have to come again next year!



上個周末,我去了伙炭藝術工作室開放計劃 2013。大約有 300 個分佈在不同工廠大廈的工作室開放給公眾參觀。因為要在旁晚離開,我只能參觀一陪分的工作室。下年一定要再來!

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An overview of my tote bag collection #2012

2012 has already been ended. I always wanted to make an overview post for the tote bags I drew in the past year (half a year, more precisely). Now it is the best time to conclude all the tote bag (almost, actually) I have made in 2012. So I make it. Voila!


2012年已經完結了,我常常都想弄一篇 post,概括地介紹在過去一年 (準確點,應該是半年來) 來部分我畫的袋。而現在正好是最佳時間總結一下我畫過的袋。所以,現在我就弄了這樣的一篇 post!
Double-sided / Flowers

Double-sided / The third album of Interpol / Our Love To Admire / Heart

Double-sided / Charlie Chaplin / " A day without laughter is a day wasted "

Double-sided / Happiness: the ultimate nepenthe / Sadness: highly contagious

Double-sided / Tick: Yes / No: Cross

Double-sided / Blue stripes

Double-sided / Red polka dots

Single-sided / Colourful triangles

Because the fabric is quite thin, the tote bags have become shabby after using several times. What a pity. Other than sewing by myself I am looking for plain tote bags with thicker fabric which is more durable but also easy to put on colour like these from Muji. Any idea?


因為這些袋的布料比較薄身,所以用了幾次之後,這些袋都變得殘舊。真可惜。除了自己縫以外,我在找一些比較厚身耐用但同時又好像 Muji 那些般容易上色的素色袋。有沒有提議?

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Potted friend

Cat: What the fuck!!!?
_MG_8101 _MG_8098 _MG_8103
Koey and her new potted friend

An afternoon looking for Narcissus flower bulbs for Chiness New Year and a potted plant.

I have not planted anything for few years already after the last one (a Scarlet Sage) was dead. I know I am not a good plant keeper and they all end up dead (rip) but anyway after watching Léon: The Professional I think plant is a good accompany, esp. during the stressful school days. I will introduce it here later. Wish my new potted friend good luck!



自從上一盆植物 (一串紅來的) 死了後,我已有好幾年沒再種任何東西了。我知道自己種甚麼都種得不太好,到最後它們全部都死掉 (rip) ,但無論如何,看完這個殺手不太冷後,我覺得植物會是個好伙伴,特別是在壓力大的上學日子。遲下我會在這裏介一介紹它。祝我盆新朋友好運!

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Outfit | Indoor winter

H&M beanie, Kanken backpack, Monki scarf, Muji top borrowed from sis, Zara shorts and Converse sneakers

Viva stripe! Although the stripe top is in large size I like how baggy it looks. A pity that it is not mine. Otherwise, I will put it on like everyday. Actually I have several striped tops but, you know, striped garments are never enough.

This outfit is obviously not suitable for winter, instead, is for the warmer weather. So better put on an outerwear if going outside. Argh. Dressing like this in winter is only possible indoor.




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Knit a scarf for me

_MG_7830 _MG_7778
Material of the yarn:
50% acrylic
30% alpaca fiber
20% wool
( Thanks Sachina! )

The scarf was not width enough so last month I unraveled it. After several times of unraveling and re-knitting, I finished it yesterday. But it becomes quite short now. Annoying!

I am a bit obsessed with knitting now! After knitting this burgundy red scarf, I want to knit more with colours like army green, dark grey, mustard yellow... Yum!

p.s. My mum teaches me how to knit. Occasionally with the help of Youtube.



現在我對織頸巾有點着迷!織完這條酒紅色頸巾,我想織多幾條軍綠色深灰色芥末黃...... 正!

p.s. 我媽教我織的,有時 Youtube 會幫幫手。

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Slow life with Detour 2012

Last month, during the exam period, I gave myself a break to go to Detour. ( But I always give myself to much breaks... Argh. )

Detour has already come to an end. But anyway, Detour is an annual activities organized by Hong Kong Ambassadors of Design showcasing creations by both local and oversea artists. It also has a Makers' fair and occasionally hold some workshop and some gigs. Every year it is held at different places in Hong Kong. In 2012 it was organized at Former Wan Chai Police Station, the lot of Former Wan Chai Policed Married Quarter and Central Oasis Gallery (I did not go to this one).

Here are just a few snaps showing a little part of Detour. There were much more interesting spots.


上個月, 在考試期間,我讓自已放放鬆,去了 Detour 一趟。( 但我經常讓自己放太多鬆... 唉。 )

Detour 其實已經在完結了。但無論如何,Detour 是一年一度的活動,由香港設計大使舉辨,展出本地和海外的藝術家的作品。它另外有設計市集,還會間中舉辦工作坊和一些音樂演奏。每年 Detour 都在不同地方舉行,2012年便在前灣仔警署,前灣仔警察宿舍 ( 現在已是一片空地 ) 和綠洲藝廊 ( 這個沒有去到 ) 。

以下是幾張相展示 Detour 的一小部分,那裏還有更多有趣的地方。

Had "brunch" at a char chan teng first.

2 Kankener were scribbling on the blackboard.

p.s. I asked them to behave naturally and forget my existence but something like this come out finally - look what the red Kankener were doing.
At Hawkerama II, there was a stall with the theme of Chiness Chess. Oh my god! Had not played it for a long time. So much fun here!
The back of Rainbow Leung's stall -- 朋友都係舊嘅好 " Old friends are the best " (Not a good translation by me).
Make a wish / 許願

Inside the former Police Station
a Installation by Caroline Mak
_MG_6967 Wan Chai Instax Love : 999 by Rraay Lai
Drawing by Little Thunder
Drooling Dreamland of a Hong Kong Foodie by Michhy Tang

" 此袋食材已聽過以下音樂,隨時可以用來做醬。"How funny it is! It means " this bag of ingredient has listened the following songs. It is ready to make sauce anytime ".

_MG_7064 b
Time to go home. The street was quiet. Really enjoyed the peace. It was cruel that I needed to go to school the next day where I am hardly in calm.



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Feel blue and red

_MG_7477 wtf1 _MG_7450 wtf2
Uniqlo lambswool jumper, H&M dress, Adidas sneakers and DIY tote bag

If everyone has a colour surrounding him or her then recently mine is probably either grey or black. I have put on a lot of grey or black lately, making me look so dull or I am indeed very dull. And most of my recent purchase are in dark colour such as chocolate-flavor ice-cream.

Besides I have worn these sneakers many times so it looks very dirty now. I like these shoes so much. The blue colour is beautiful and they are so comfortable. It is hard to find another sneakers with such good-looking blue. What a pity.


如果每個都有一隻顏色包圍着他 / 她,那麼,最近我的顏色很有可能會是灰色又或是黑色。我近期時常將黑色或灰色放上身,令我看上去很呆滯,可能我根本是呆滯。而且,最近我買的很多東西都是深色的,好像朱古力味雪糕。


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5 months after

w1 _MG_7317 w3
Uniqlo plaid shirt, lambswool jumper and skinny jeans, Zara lace-up shoes, DIY tote bag and H&M beanie

I have promised myself I had to finish this post on the first day of 2013. But now there are only 40 minutes left before the end of today.

The last indoor outfit post was posted on 2012.8.12 . It sounds like an age ago. I always told myself I am lack of the motivation, inspiration or idea / too tired or too busy or even too moody to blog... Basically these are all excuses. I am simply too lazy to do anything. Time flies. 2012 has ended. I am going to be 20 years old. I do not want to waste time anymore. I need to blog more and keep myself busy. Therefore, to begin with, I set this limit to myself to finish this post.

25 minutes left.

Anyway, I did not shoot any outfit photos for a long time. This one is a bit boring. Luckily, the beanie helps a lot to make this outfit look more interesting. It is still a good start. Right?

20 minutes left.


我答應過自己要在 2013 年的第一天內完成這篇 post,但距離今天的完結,現在只剩下 15 分鍾。

上一篇室內拍的 outfit post 已經是 2012.8.12 的事。感覺好像已是好久好久以前的事。我之前常常對自己說,我之所以不打 blog,是因為缺乏動力靈感構思,又或是太累太忙,什至心情太差。其實簡單而言,全都是藉口。我純粹是因為太懶。時間過得很快。2012 年已經完了。我都快將 20 歲。我不想再浪費任何時間。我要多些打 blog 和令自己忙碌一點。所以,一開始,我就設定了個死線要自己完成這篇 post。

尚餘 5 分鐘。

無論如何,我已有好一段時間沒有影 outfit 相。這個看上去有點悶。幸好,這頂冷帽幫了很大的忙令整套衫看上去有趣點。這仍是一個好開始,對嗎?

超時 3 分鐘,有點失望。/ 3 minutes overtime, a bit disappointed.

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