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1. Diaries

Few notebook brought from Kubrick. Their covers are so lovely. It is enjoyable to write in these pretties -- one of the good motivation to make me write diary. I am writing the blue one now but it only has few blank pages left. Gotta buy a new one.

Hey, don't peep!


這幾本筆記簿是從 Kubrick 買的。它們的封面很可愛。在這些簿子寫字,十分享受 -- 其中一個好的推動力讓我寫日記。我現在寫藍色那本,但它只剩下幾頁是空白的。一定要買本新的。


_MG_6849 _MG_6851
2. Books

At the moment, including those borrowed from friend, there are a number of books left on the book shelves unread. Very sorry for them. But I got these 2 from a garage sale for only HKD$25. $20 for The World of Susie Wong and $5 for The Tale of Flopsy Bunnies. How can I resist?


現在,包括向朋友借的書,仍有好幾本書被擱置在書櫃上,完全未看過。對它們的遭遇深感抱歉。但這兩本書是從一個 garage sale 中買到的,合共只花了 HKD$25,The World of Susie Wong $20,The Tale of Flopsy Bunnies $5。誘惑當前,難以忍手。

3. Sweets + Letters

I sent out candies to my friends. Quite happy to hear their feedback!





4. Mum-made bamboo knitting needles

After knitting this scarf, I am afraid I have become a knitting addict.

p.s. Yeah, my mum made these needles.



p.s. 是的,這些織針是我媽弄的。

5. Notebooks / Sketchbooks

Under the pretext of having a clearer classification, I buy different notebooks and sketch books for doodling, writing, collaging and planing. After a period of time a pile of them is built up. But the old one is still new. Um...


以為了有更清晰的分類的藉口下 ,我買了不同的筆記簿和畫簿來畫畫、寫寫字、剪下貼和計畫一下。過了一段時間後,一疊簿就是這樣積聚下來。但舊的仍是新的。唔......

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What's inside my envelop?

mmm2 _MG_7928 mmm1
That's me.........................................just kidding.

It is the cover of the third issue of Movie-Movie-Magazine featuring Japanese actress, Yu Aoi / 蒼井優 .
_MG_7982 _MG_7965
H&M beanie, Zara striped top, Uniqlo jeans, Gap chelsea boots, Muji envelope and Kanken backpack

Onion head spotted!


I guess I have slowly developed a habit of collecting free paper. My attention is always caught by books, brochures, papers etc. with good cover and design, esp. those that are free because you can grab it and rush to the exit right away. After reading them I am reluctant to throw them away. Therefore, as time goes by, a little collection of free papers is built up.

Some of them have already shown up at #1#2.

Does anyone collect free paper like me?





有部分之前已出現在 #1 和 #2


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Fotanian 2013

I was supposed to finish this post 2 days ago but due to school stuff and Chinese New Year I had to postpone it. Anyway Kung Hei Fat Choi and happy Chinese New Year!

In the visit to Fotanian Open Studio 2013, I only shot analog photos along but not all of them were successfully captured down / developed and I ran out of films. I can only show some of the good stuff I saw here. I have to come again next year and one day is surely not enough to visit around 300 studios. This time I only visited around 24 studios.


原先預計自己會在兩日前完成這篇 post,但因為學校之類的東西和農曆新年,我要稍微延遲。無論如何,恭喜發財和農曆新年快樂!

在那次參觀伙炭藝術工作室開放計劃 2013,我只用菲林相機拍下沿途所見的一事一物,但不是所有相都成功地影下來 / 曬出來和我沒有足夠的菲林。所以我只能在這裡展示一小部分我當日見過的事物。下年我一定要再來,而且一天是不夠參觀差不多 300 間工作室,今次我大約只去了 24 個工作室。

45360008 f1 45360003 45360002
45360006 Started by Sui Fai Factory Building. I only took photos of the environment outside the studio as it was much more appealing to me.

Then headed to Wah Luen Industrial Centre's Block B.



之後便去了華聯工業中心 B 座。

At Mountain Loft. This is my favorite painting in this visit. It is the work of Philip Hui. I just love it. Couldn't stop looking at it as if it were enchanted.



45370032 45370030
At Laiyan Projects. This studio has a very homey vibe.



45370023 45370022
At Ping-Shun Chan Studio.

At Lee's Workshop



The stairway's door.



Taking this photo outside a window at the stairway. Someone kept asking me to "come back" because I was leaned outside the window and it was creepy to see only half of my body stayed inside the building. Haha!



A bored couple waiting for the lift.



The last place we stopped by, I-kiln Studio. It was my first time to see a ceramic demonstration in real life. I was amazed by the whole process of turning a clay into a vase!



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I am dotted!

dot2 dot3 _MG_8966 dot1 _MG_8984
DIY scarf and tote bag, Uniqlo t-shirt, H&M bodycon skirt and tights and Converse low-top sneakers

My blog has been overwhelmed with simple outfits. I am bored of it a little bit. It is too safe. So this time I want to try out something more unusual for myself and think of putting some dots together. Solely simplicity is kinda tedious sometimes. Therefore I am still experimenting different type of styles. As Marilyn Monroe said, "it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring".


這個 blog 出現的 outfit 很多時都是很簡單的。但我覺得有點悶,太穩陣了。所以,今次我想嘗試一些比平時不同的東西,和想到把些波點放在一起。單純簡約,有時會挻沉悶的。亦因如此,我仍在試驗不同的風格。好像瑪莉蓮夢露說過,徹底地荒誕比徹底地無聊好。

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