Shades of Grey

grey grey2 grey3 _MG_9751
Asos tee and ring, H&M skirt, Casio watch, DIY tote bag and Lacoste shoes


I have given myself a project -- making a series of outfit posts with theme of "Shades of". This is the first post and I start it by grey. It is going to be more interesting with more outfits of different shades of colours. Cannot wait for the day that all colours are done!

This pair of grey stripe shoes is my first "serious" sponsored item.Thanks Lacoste / the PR company! By the way I still vividly remember how the face of the salesperson changed when I showed them the letter. And lately I also met the rudest salesperson in Monki. She had succeeded in making me hate Monki but just temporarily. Sorry, I really admire Monki!

p.s.  Displayed in the 2 dimensional computer graphics, silver is just another shade of grey.


I have submitted a photo to enter Kanken cover competition. If you like it, please "like" it as well. Thanks a lot!


我最近給了自己一個計劃 -- 製作一個 "Shades of" 系列的 outfit posts。這就是第一篇 post,以灰色來做開首。相信當不同色調的 outfits 越來越多,這個系列會越來越有趣。很期待到所有顏色也弄了 outfit post 的一天!

這對灰色間條鞋是我第一樣 "認真的" 的贊助物品。多謝 Lacoste / PR公司!順帶一提,我仍很記得當我展示了那封信之後,那些售貨員的臉孔是怎樣轉變。還有,最近我在 Monki 也遇上我一生人中見過最沒禮貌的售貨員。她很成功地令我討厭 Monki,不過只是暫時性。抱歉,我真的很欣賞 Monki!

p.s. 在二維的電腦影像下,銀色也只不過是其中一種灰色。


最近我遞交了一張相去參加 Kanken cover比賽。如果你喜歡那張相,希望你都能給個 like。感激!

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Love yourself

I am in a very bad shape lately. This drawing I did last month reminds me that I should love myself.



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Playlist for 2013.2 & 3

Playlist : Just to say hi.
Time : 2013.2 &3
Track : 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8. / 9. / 10. / 11. / 12. / 13. / 14. / 15. / 16. 17. /18. / 19. / 20. / 21. / 22. / 23. / 24. / 25. / 26. 
Listen the playlist on Youtube, click here.

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Crush the candy

_MG_9109 bad1 _MG_9095 bad
DIY scarf, Zara top, Monki skirt, H&M bag and Dr. Martens shoes

The outfit photos I shot in January and never managed to post them.

The craze of Candy Crush has been sweeping over Hong Kong. I knew I was the type of people who was easy to be obsessed with something, like games, so I ignored people's Candy Crush invitation to stay away from the temptation. One day my sister told me I just needed to send her hearts without really playing it... After addicted to it for a month, I finally quit it. By the way, during my Candy Crush therapy I had removed the games for at least thrice. ( Hey, I am at level 74! )


一套我 1 月時影下,但從來都沒有放出來的 outfit 相。

近幾個月,Candy Crush 狂熱風靡香港。我知道自己是那種很易對某事物,例如遊戲,着迷的人,所以之前我一直都不理會其他人 send 來的 Candy Crush 邀請來遠處誘惑。直到有一日,我妹妹說,我只需要用 Candy Crush 來送心心給她,而不用玩...... 浪費了大概一個月時間後,我最終都成功擺脫了這個遊戲。順帶一提,接受戒除 Candy Crush 療程時,我移除遊戲最少三次。 ( 嗨,我 74 級的! )

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