We four

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Me, Viann, Eunice and Koey.

Some analog photos shot in March just got developed lately.

Lunched in the Star Ferry pier, visited the Andy Warhol exhibition, sat next to the Victoria Harbour, brought brooches, ate ice-cream.


幾張在 3 月份時拍下的菲林相,最近才拿去曬。

在天星碼頭午餐、看 Andy Warhol 展覽、坐在維多利亞港一旁、買襟張、吃雪糕。

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From me to you

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Sending my love to you.

Today I did not feel like doing homework and revision at home and was doing nothing productive as usual. When I saw this carnation, I just took out the camera and shot these photos right away within 15 minutes.

I like its red. Subtle and moderate.


今日一與以往,在家沒心機做功課和溫書,只是做着一些毫無生產力的事。但當我見到這株康乃馨,我便馬上拿出相機,在 15 之內影了這些相。


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Shadows lengthing at dusk

Here is one of the quotes I like.

I had shut down this blog temporarily. Sorry. I felt depressed lately and got annoyed by it. But after chatting with friends I feel much better now.

Compared with that me 2 years ago I have grown up a lot. For the sake of making here more of me I have slightly changed the layout and added my favorite colour as the main tone.



我關閉了這個 blog 一會兒。抱歉。最近感到有點憂鬱,覺得這裡很煩。不過與朋友聊一聊天後,現在感覺好了很多。


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Take Me Somewhere Nice

These photos come from a roll of film that has been developed for around 2 months, as mentioned here. I try to blog more timely but my occasional dislike for this blog stops me from updating.


這些相來自一卷大約在兩個月前已曬好的菲林,之前提及過的。我嘗試更加合時地更新這個 blog ,但我時不時對這裡的厭惡令我不想更新任何東西。

First day
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Baby, you are not alone...
A Valentine's night hanged out with Eunice at IKEA.

Don't give a shit to deadline and don't give a fuck to mankind. The best pastime activity.


一個情人節的晚上,與 Eunice 逛逛 IKEA。


Second day
R1-08641-0017 R1-08641-0018

Third day
R1-08641-0024 R1-08641-0022 R1-08641-0025  R1-08641-0029
That's Aimee!

p.s. Thanks for your little parcel.


是 Aimee 啊!

p.s. 多謝你的小包裹。

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