Sushi and dot

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Polka dot again!
Snupped gifted me a laptop case. I was too rush and had chosen one from their Zipper Sleeve collection. Later I found they also have Spacesuit which you can use your own print and has vinyl layer on it. But the sushi print is too cute to not to love.



Snupped 送了個手提電腦套給我。當時我太趕,便在他們的 Zipper Sleeve 中選了個。之後發現原來他們還有另一個電腦套叫 Spacesuit,而且可以用自已的圖片,和有 vinyl layer 在表面。不過這些壽司圖案太可愛了。

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Fading memory

Almost forget I had shot some analog photos in Taipei. Miss the good time in Taiwan. Although it is just 1 month more after I came back from Taiwan, it feels like happened an age ago.



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As I have mentioned in the Taipei post, after we arrived the hostel, it rained heavy. So we hanged out at the Spot Taipei Film House nearby. /
如之前台北那篇 post 中所說,我們到達民宿之後便下很大雨。所以我們便到附近的台北之家 (光點台北) 逛逛。

Street snacks, yum! /

Me sitting on a sofa in the common area of the hostel. /

Our base. /

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Aposematic colouration

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Blue Q bag, Birkenstock sandal, Muji socks, cardigan c/o Choies

I feel like a colourful but poisonous mushroom / dart frog / *you name it* who feeds on banana here.This cardigan is seriously a breakthrough to me but I like this new try. Other than blue, grey, black and white, I think I should get more colours for my wardrobe.

p.s. Oh! I am wearing Birkenstock! Another breakthrough to myself.


這裡的我感覺上像隻色彩鮮艷但有毒的蘑菇 / 箭蛙 / *你話事*,而且是靠香蕉維生。這件冷外套無可否認地對我而言是個重大突破,但我挺喜歡這個新嘗試。除了藍、灰、黑、白色外,我想我應該要為自己的衣櫃增添多點不同的顏色。

p.s. 噢,我正穿着 Birkenstock!又是另一個突破。

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Last month I spent half a day in Macau. I only visited the touristy spots where were filled up with many people as usual. Nothing special. A shame that I could not get into the casino due to the age limit of 21.

*In case you do not know, it is a region in China, near Hong Kong, a former Portuguese colony and known for gambling.



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Shades of Blue

abc5 abc2 abc3 abc6 abc4 abc1
H&M oversized denim shirt, Muji clutch, Kanken backpack, sneakers c/o Lacoste, dress c/o Banggood


Here comes the blue "shades of" post after the grey one. Blue is my favorite colour. Feel good to wear blue.

It is half past one in the morning and I feel sleepy now. Good night.


接著上一次灰色的"shades of "post,今次是藍色做主調。藍色是我很喜歡的顏色。穿藍色的感覺很好。

現在大約是上午 1 : 30, 時間不早了,有點睏。晚安。

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DIY tote, Converse sneakers, Casio watch, Asos rings, dress c/o Choies

Don't know what to write here. Um... Weather is often a good conversation starter.

The weather is so hot in Hong Kong.

Really hot.

Black absorbs heat.


不知道在這裡寫什麼好。唔...... 通常天氣都是個不錯的對話開端。




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After staying in Kenting for a few days, we headed to Taipei. Soon after we had settled down in the hostel, it rained heavily but luckily the Spot Taipei Film House was near our hostel so we spent an afternoon hanging around and struggling* in this place. For rest of the days the weather was fine so we could continue our unplanned journey as told before.

* Damn! I only had a shoestring budget. So I ended up buy a notebook only in the Spot... but I am happy with it which I still do not open the package.



*糟透!我的預算很緊拙,所以我最後在光點只買了本筆記簿...... 但對於得到它我很高興,而且到現在仍未拆下包裝袋。

_MG_117919_MG_1191 _MG_1206 18
_MG_1222 _MG_1233
Shifan. A touristy spot where I felt like I was still in Hong Kong -- lots of people speaking Cantonese. /
十份。一個令我覺得自己仍在香港的旅遊景點 -- 很多人都在說廣東話。

Taiwan's metro. /

Taipei 101. Remember? /
台北 101。記得嗎

Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei where I wept a bit when watching a video about a dancer dancing with a robotic arm and took a nap when watching a video about city development.

Good words spotted! I really like it and try my best to translate it into English here:

2 rough relationship. 2 rough relationship
Is really rough. Creation is rough.
Dancing is rough.
Growing up is rough. Getting along is rough. Living is rough.
We live in the same rough world.
But being happy is enough.




兩難關係 兩難關係
真的很難 創作很難
長大很難 相處很難 活着很難

Me & Eunice.
Koey & Eunice.
Xinyi District Office and Good Cho's. A lot of temptation to spend money. /

Thanks to globalization, 7-eleven is always around the corner. /
多得全球化,總有一間 7-11 在你附近。

Goodbye Taiwan! /

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