Relax, take it easy

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H&M skirt & espadrilles, Bag from Taiwan, Tee c/o Choies

Sorry, simple outfit again!

I got this bag from Good Cho's in Taiwan. I was fascinated by its simple colour block combo which feels so comfy. And blue is the main tone! Also the piece of leather on it adds more natural vibe on it. But a pity that I forget what brand it is from. Does anyone know it? The only clue I have is the Chinese word of flower, "花", on it.


不好意思,又是套簡單的 outfit!

這個袋是我在台灣的 好丘 買的。當初我就是被它那簡單但感覺舒服的顏色組合迷着。而且它是以藍色作主調的!還有,袋上那塊牛皮令整個袋感覺更自然。但可惜的是我忘記了它的牌子。有沒有人知道?我唯一的線索只有袋上的"花"字。

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Summer heat

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1. & 2. Hiking
3. Icy lemon tea
4. Eunice
5. Shadow
6. Me

Although summer in Hongkong is so hot and everyday's temperature is mostly around 30°C, I insist on not turning on the air-conditioner every night I sleep. Kinda enjoy the feeling of sweating. It reminds me that I am still connected to the world, I am still alive and I am not just a corpse who get stuck into a rut! Sorry if I sound exaggerating.

Have been quite busy lately. With my improper time management I often sleep for 4 hours a day only. If I do not need to work or have no class that day, I would be most likely to sleep all day or eat. No wonder I have been lack of stimulation and feel uninspired to do anything, including taking photos. No good indeed.

Seriously in need to watch a good movie.


雖然香港的夏天很熱,每天的溫度都圍繞在 30°C 左右,但我仍堅持每晚睡覺不開冷氣。挻享受這種流汗的感覺。它提醒了我自己與這個世界仍有連繫,我仍然是活着的,我不只是過着行屍走肉的生活!抱歉,如果我的話聽下去很誇張。

最近的生活比較忙。加上不恰當的時間管理,我經常一日只睡 4 小時。如果那天我不用工作或者沒有堂要上,很多時我都會用來睡覺又或是吃。難怪這陣子我都沒有什麼刺激和欠缺靈感去幹東西,包括影相。的確不好。


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Hug the sky

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Photos of me, taken in the Taiwan.

I love ocean. It is mysterious. It is profound. It is disastrous. It is calm. I never get tired of it. At this piece of land in Kenting, everything, like the sky, air, weather and sunshine, makes the ocean more perfect.

*continuing my life in the concrete jungle*

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* 正繼續我在石屎森林的生活 *

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The best fish ball ever

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Dinner with Irene/Oliver Tate and Temple street at night.

 June 2013.


與 Irene/Oliver Tate 晚餐和入黑的廟街。

2013 年 6 月。

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