Playlist for 2014.1

scan0011editedPlaylist: 星期五心事
Time: 2014.1
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This is a playlist paying tribute to Chinese characters, thus is written completely in Chinese.

Cannot believe the first breakthrough in 2014 is me being fond of Chinese songs. At the moment these are the only songs I really like and keep looping lately. Although they are just a few I feel satisfied to hear good songs.

Winter will soon end. Spring will soon come. Summer is still very far away.


在 Youtube 上聽這張 playlist,按這裏

這是一張向中文字致敬的 playlist。 自己文筆不好,間中寫點東西,希望能逐點逐點改善。人越大,越欣賞中文這文字。不過我喜歡的是繁體,總覺得簡體失去了中文字原來的意義。

想不到 2014 年的第一個突破,就是一向聽外語歌的自己喜歡上中文歌。暫時我只有這幾首是喜歡的,所以聽來聽去都是這幾首,不過很滿足。


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