Every path is the right path. Everything could've been anything else. And it would have just as much meaning.

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These few photos are shot in last month at Lamma Island. The weather was very good. A shame that I am not in a good shape. Most of the photos are not satisfying but the most satisfying one is surely the "dog faeces". Shitting on such a nice day, a real good taste.

Hair shorter, feeling lighter. But my hair grows quite fast. Just after a month, my hair has already become the length of  "neither short nor long". I want to leave my hair long again but thinking that I should seize the moment that I am still "free" so why not try a much shorter one?

The title is a quote from a movie, Mr. Nobody. Like it a lot. And like the movie a lot.





標題是 Mr. Nobody 中男主角 Nemo Nobody 說的一句話,很喜歡,和很喜歡這套電影。


  1. I love the quote and Mr. Nobody too. ♥

  2. Kiki, I miss you already! Come back soon xx (I'm sure your hair will be long again by then)

  3. I'm also suffering from the 'neither short nor long' period right now, but trying to grow it back again. You can do whatever you want, I'm sure you'll look cute either way!

  4. What blog skin are you using? It's so simple and clean!