Hello Victoria

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Tsim Sha Tsui, January 2014

I went out to do something in the morning but had dated Irene to have dinner. So I went to a bookshop and just read book for a few hours. Because of sitting for too long, there were pains in my loins and back. Then I went to join the tourists and appreciated the view of Victoria Harbor. Opposite to Tsim Sha Tsui, there were Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay. Everyone was working hard in these business regions. Me? I did not know what to do because there were always something that annoyed me.


尖沙嘴,2014 年 1 月

早上要出門辦點事,但又約了 Irene 吃晚餐,中間的空檔不想回家,於是在書店打了幾小時書釘。坐得太久,腰有點酸,便走了出去加入遊客們,一起觀賞維多利亞港。尖沙嘴對面就是中環、金鍾、灣仔、銅鑼灣,大家都在這幾個商業區努力的工作呀。而我,不知自己應該做什麼好,因為好像總是有東西要苦惱。


  1. What annoyed you? I like your photos, I can't tell if the mute colour is from you or if it's smog.

  2. wow! what camera did you use to take these pictures?