Playlist for 2014.4

 Playlist: I know you know
Time: 2014.4
Track: 1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6. / 7. / 8. / 9.
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HaIo from Germany! In the coming few months, I will mostly blog about my life. Sorry in advance if what you want to see is a fashion blog / outfit posts. I have arrived here for nearly 2 weeks but am not yet settled down and still getting used to it (I have a poor adaptability). Til now, I have nosebleed for twice and often wake up from some weird dreams when sleeping (but hardly remember most of them).

These songs are what I listen to lately and keep myself feeling cheered. I like every single of them. But the lyrics of The Moon Song is my favorite.

p.s. The lyrics of the 3rd song in the playlist should be "your ear" not "you ear" :(


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來自德國的 Halo!未來幾個月這裏的內容主要是關於我的生活。如果你想看的東西只是一個 fashion blog 或者 outfit posts,我在此預先說聲抱歉。到埗快兩星期,仍在整頓和適應階段 (我的適應能力挺差的)。目前為止,我已流了兩次鼻血,和經常會在半夜從怪夢中醒來 (但已忘記了大部分的內容)。

這幾首歌都是我最近一直在聽的,它們讓我保持心情愉快。每首歌我都很喜歡,但當中 The Moon Song 的歌詞我最喜歡。

p.s.清單中第三首歌的歌詞應該是 「your ear」而不是「 you ear」:(

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  1. Did you move to Germany? If so, I wish you all the best in adapting~ I've always wanted to live in Germany ever since I started learning the language. I look forward to your posts, Kiki!

  2. love your playlists Kiki! I hope you could do more chinese music playlist, the last one was amazing.

  3. I can't wait for your lifestyle posts! I always love your posts in general, whatever they're about. :)


  4. I just found your blog, but I look forward to reading about your lifestyle posts ^^! Enjoy your new life in Germany :D

  5. OMG you are in Germany? Where?

    I'm in Germany and would love to meet up with you if you like and I live nearby? haha I love your blog very much!!

    1. Thanks for the love! But I don't feel like meeting anyone from the internet at the moment. Sorry!