These photos was shot few months ago when I was still in Hong Kong. But I only feel like posting them until today. Just now when I ate papaya with a friend, he told me Kala in Greek means "good". Being able to appreciate small things in life is good.

p.s. Kala is also a good song.



p.s. Kala 還是一首好歌
1. woken up by sunshine / 被陽光弄醒
2. having fun with everything / 在所有事物中尋得樂趣
3. feeling the coolness of water in a hot summer day / 在炎炎夏日中感受水的清涼
4. discovering treasure / 尋得寶物

p.s. I found this watch at a clearance sale of a random watch shop as it was soon to close down. / 我在一間快要結業的鄰家錶鋪的清倉減價中尋得這隻錶。
5. watching a good movie / 看套好電影
6. flying the paper plane / 放紙飛機
7. keeping a postcard collection / 收藏明信片

p.s. I love postcards. I love them even more when I send them to people I love. / 我很喜歡明信片。當寄給我喜愛的人時,我更加喜歡它們。
8. appreciating the trivia in life like good book binding / 欣賞生活中的瑣事,例如好的筆記簿釘裝
9. read a good book with a good cover / 看一本有漂亮封面的好書
10. have fun with Mr. Sunshine / 與陽光玩遊戲 

p.s. I really love sun. But remember to apply sun block during sunbathing in case of getting sunburn. / 我真的很喜愛太陽。不過曬太陽時要記得塗上防曬,以免曬傷。