It's a good day.

IMG_6611Dresden, Germany, August 2014

[back in europe]

I spent a day in Dresden. The weather was so nice. More photos will be uploaded but I will do it after uploading the rest of the London photos. It's already 14 days after I posted the first picture from London...

[now in hongkong]

I came back to Hongkong for a week. I don't miss Germany but I miss the time I have had and the people I have encountered. I guess I have adapted to my same old life but I hope I won't forget what I wanted myself to do and be. The same old life is no longer the same.



之前我在 Dresden 度過了一天。天氣十分好。遲點我會放更多的相上來,不過首先我要把其他倫敦的相放上來,距離我放第一張倫敦的相,已有十四天了 ......



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