No one cannot live without anyone

IMG_6154 Tonight, after saying goodbye to Oli in his farewell party, me and Hugo went back to the dormitory together. In the party, Wendy told me she knew that I cried when I said goodbye to Raphaël.

On the way to tram station, we saw Jiyoung. Poor Jiyoung. Saying goodbye is difficult but she will be good. Now what she needs is time. Then we walked her back to her dormitory. After this 30mins walk, we said goodbye.

It still rained heavily and I felt more and more pains in my head. Other than going back to my own dorm, I went to the kitchen. At that moment I knew that I didn't want to be alone in my own room. Instead of going back to his room Hugo stayed in the kitchen and chatted with me. Later Kai showed up. We three talked an hour. I mentioned that the farewell party of Hugo on Saturday was going to be my 4th farewell party/dinner in this week. Nearly 1 am already. Tomorrow I need to meet Mike to say the last goodbye at 9:45am and Kai will have an exam at 8:30am. So we said goodbye.

But Hugo told me I always went back to dorm with Raphaël as we lived closer but now he left and I was alone so this time let him walked with me. The rain stopped. On the way we met Gonji and Hyeon as they went back from another farewell party. Gonji joined Hugo to walk with me. Hyeon said it's so cold and she needed some rest. She said goodbye to us.

Arrived. We hugged and said goodbye.

Bye is not good but it is fine.


今個晚上,在 Oli 的道別派對向他說了再見後,我和 Hugo 一起回宿舍。派對上,Wendy告訴我她知道我向 Raphaël 說再見時哭了出來。

在前往電車站的路上,我們碰到 Jiyoung。可憐的 Jiyoung。說再見很苦,但她會好起來的。現在她需要的是時間。之後我們便徒步回宿舍。三十分鐘的路程後,我們便說再見。

雨仍下得很大,我就越來越頭痛。我沒有馬上回自己的宿舍,反而去了廚房。那刻我清楚知道自己不想一個人留在宿舍裏。Hugo 亦沒有馬上回房,而是留在廚房與我談天。沒多久 Kai 亦出現。我們三個人談了一小時左右,我還提到星期六 Hugo 的道別派對將會是我今個星期第四個道別派對 / 晚餐。差不多凌晨一點了。明早九點四十五分我還約了 Mike 見面說再見,Kai 在八點半亦會有考試。於是我們便說再見。

但 Hugo 告訴我,之前我常常都是和 Raphaël 一起回宿舍,因為我倆住得近,但現在他走了,我要一個人走這段路,於是他請纓今次由他與我一起走。雨停了。路上我們遇到 Gonji 和 Hyeon。 Gonji 加入 Hugo 送我回宿舍,而 Hyeon 說天氣很冷,想回房休息。她向我們說再見。



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