#6 London

IMG_52102My favorite and also the last picture from the trip. 

It is my first time to update 6 new posts within a day. I am sorry to bombard your news feed (if you follow me elsewhere). But putting them altogether in a single post looks too much. And I feel like if I don't do it today, I would forever forget to put them up here.

Here is the bridge connecting Royal Opera house and Royal Ballet School.



今次是我第一次在一天內更新六篇 post。如果你在其他平台追蹤了我,洗了你版,真抱歉。但把這麼多張相放進同一篇 post,好像太多了。還有我覺得,如果今天我不放它們上來,之後我永遠會忘記放它們上來。

這裏是連接 Royal Opera house 和 Royal Ballet School 的橋。

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